Hello Medium

Thanks to this post on Signal v. Noise we’re moving everything over to Medium across all of our different businesses and communities.

We’re at the bottom of the mountain, but not for long. For the times are a changin.

I’ve been here many times. But I never realized how valuable this network truly is until recently.

Owning hundreds of websites, maintaining countless blogs, and updating multiple social networks all while running a business.. can be challenging.

More challenging is reaching the right audience within of all of those different verticals.

When you’re writing on a blog, you’re limited to the platforms optimization, your own marketing tactics and usually your existing audience.

On medium however, this is VASTLY different.

Given the ability to comment on other companies posts, share your own insight, while also improving your own outreach is beautiful. Even the simple fact you can tag another publication or author like Jason Fried (whom runs a brilliant project manager called Basecamp) is a great way to notify someone that you’ve referenced them in an article which is much more valuable than a simple tweet or Facebook post.

Hello Medium, I look forward to getting to know you better.

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