SSL (HTTPS) Required for “Secure” Forms

In October, Google will begin to label HTTP pages with forms as non-secure.

If you own a website with forms there are huge updates coming to Google Chrome in October 2017! Starting in October websites that aren’t setup with SSL (https at the beginning of the URL) are going to have forms start to show as insecure. This is a major update and the biggest step Google has taken to ensure Internet security.

Example of the “Not secure” label

You can get SSL easily setup by switching to hosting providers like or working with companies like our own. I highly advise any business owner with a website to have SSL setup immediately!

This suggestion is also for all website developers and agencies that provide website design or search engine optimization services. Make sure to update all of your clients to ensure they know the level of importance an SSL has on their search engine rankings, conversions, and security.

Update: Dmytro Lepokhin with Heartbeat agency suggested using CloudFlare as it is a fast and free SSL you can setup without being techy.

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