Report into Current Employee Satisfaction with Lloyd’s Catering Service

(Graded Assignment 2)

Terms of reference:

This report was prepared on behalf of the Employee Welfare Department for the Management on November 9th, so as to examine the current employee satisfaction with Lloyd’s catering service conducted last month.

In the questionnaire, employees were asked to comment on certain aspects of the service provided by the catering service and identify problems encountered when receiving the same.


It was found that around 65% of the employees were satisfied with the service. Of the remaining 35%, approximately 10% expressed to be very dissatisfied with the service.

Key areas of improvement include the following:

1. Most employees complained about the canteen timings because they wish to have dinner there too.

2. The new coffee service provided by Lloyd’s catering service was not up to standard mainly due to the poor quality of the coffee beans.

3. Foreign employees from India and Iran are having problems with the food options; lack of vegetarian dishes and no provision for halal food.


In general, the Lloyd’s catering service is considered good, and just needs to improve in a few areas.


Before renewing the contract with the Lloyd’s catering service next month, I recommend we take the following steps

1. Discuss the possibility of lengthening the service hours of the canteen.

2. Put forth a few options of the ideal coffee brand.

3. Call for a meeting with our employees from India and Iran to discuss their food preferences.