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What’s Your Online Strategy?

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The businesses that do online marketing well will see even bigger wins as the gap between who “gets it” and who doesn’t grows wider by the minute.

The good news? You don’t need to be everything to everyone anymore. Chances are your strategy will be more effective if you keep it simple.

Start with a single question: “Why online marketing?”. Evaluate where you are, where you want to go and what the wins will be along the way.

Put Your Audience First

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First things first: You need to clarify your audience’s needs, wants and challenges. Not to mention where they’re spending time online.

The five major benefits of knowing your audience:

  1. Focus: You can create the right content.
  2. Break barriers: Confront pain points head-on to build trust.
  3. Language: Increase engagement by being a person your audience relates to.
  4. Empathy: The more you listen, the better you can respond to specific needs.
  5. Positioning: You can become the go-to source in your field.

Define the goal of Your Strategy

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Since you’ve identified your audience, the next step is to ask yourself what you want them to do. What’s your goal? It’s usually one of three things:

  • Awareness
  • Sales
  • Loyalty

Loyalty and awareness can both lead to sales of course but stick to just one goal for your strategy. Consistency and simplicity are key here.

Ask yourself, what does my business actually do? What do my fans say when they’re happy? What is at the core? If Disney = magic and Apple = innovation, what do you equal? Your “One Thing” is the voice of your strategy across every network.

Identify opportunities

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How will you measure your strategy’s success? Depending on your goal.

  • If your goal is awareness, you’ll want to measure growth, engagement, brand awareness, sharability, likes and subscribes.
  • If it’s sales, look at click rates, social e-commerce sales and conversion rates.
  • For loyalty, look at engagement, sentiment and influence


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Next up: execution. It is all about the details and day-to-day tasks that your now responsible for.

Create a Content Calendar

  • What is the theme or essence of your content?
  • Who will create it?
  • When and where will it be shared?
  • How often will you create content versus share third-party content?
  • How will you deliver content — as eBooks? Blogs? Video? All of the above?

Identify sales

Yes, online marketing is about relationships first. But the fact is, once you’ve built solid, genuine relationships online, you’re going to want to use your influence to grow your business. That doesn’t mean shoving it down fans’ throats or putting sales above the relationship. It simply means that you can and should promote what you offer to the people who believe in your mission.

Take Advantage of the Momentum

If you’re seeing results with your strategy at the first evaluation, consider mixing it up and adding some more advanced strategies into your plan. You have momentum building, run with it!

Here are ideas for some “next steps” to take:

  • Facebook ads are a good, inexpensive way to grow your fan base, increase engagement and collect leads. Try mixing up different ad types and destinations.
  • Run a multi-level contest integrating multiple channels (like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube). Use a promotion, event or reward that will reach your audience. Word-of-mouth is a powerful way to leverage momentum.
  • Live Q&As on Facebook, Twitter etc.

Ultimately, everyone’s online strategy will look different and will get very different results. To be effective, know your business and the goal that matters to you!

Are you concerned about how our courses could be beneficial for you? No worries, we first listen to what you have in your mind, then your 30-minutes free coaching session is the next step to realizing how the Business Roadmap can support you. Please feel free to contact us.




Business Roadmaps is a (both online and / or offline) method that helps people to develop their own business strategies to successfully achieve their ambition. Business Roadmaps offers an approach that delivers a strategy in 5 steps, on 5 sheets of paper.

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