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Serial Entrepreneur Nick McCandless is a Force in the World of Digital Marketing

McCandless’s newest venture, a full-service model solution by the name of McCandless Group, generates millions in revenue each month for their models

In today’s digital age, many of the most innovative and lucrative businesses can be found purely online. Entrepreneur Nick McCandless knows this as well as anyone, as he has helped to build and operate hundreds of online businesses that range from small startups to Fortune 500 companies. His newest company, McCandless Group, has already found substantial success working with popular models from all around the world. Although his new venture has only been around for a brief period of time, McCandless has already drastically changed the lives of many models and is only just getting started.

McCandless first became involved in the digital space at the age of 14 when he taught himself how to build his very first website- a technology blog that focused on news and important developments related to technology from around the world. Back then, building a website was much more complicated than it is today, and McCandless quickly developed a passion for technology which ultimately drove him to learn the ins and outs of software development. After several years of operating his website and accumulating millions of monthly readers, prominent individuals in the entertainment industry began to take notice of Nick’s talents. He received a great deal of interest from Hollywood, as they were impressed with Nick’s knowledge of the industry as well as his charming personality. Ultimately, he was offered an opportunity to move to Hollywood where he would produce and host his own tech show for an online studio.

At just 19 years old, McCandless packed his bags and made the move from North Carolina to the bright lights of Los Angeles, California; however, as it often happens, he quickly realized that the entertainment industry wasn’t supplying him with the opportunities that he desired. McCandless left his role in entertainment and began focusing solely on his career in software. He went on to launch hundreds of software projects including apps, websites, SaaS platforms, and other technologies still used today by many of the largest companies in the world. Fast forward to 2020, and McCandless has recently developed one of his biggest projects to date.

McCandles began to observe the limitless potential models have to monetize their brands in the social media space. He realized that the majority of these models were not maximizing their potential to make money and grow, which immediately sparked the idea for his next venture, McCandless Group. Nick hit the ground running with a vision that has turned into a massive success not only for himself and his company, but also for the hundreds of models he works with. McCandless Group offers a full-service solution for models who desire to make a career out of their social media platforms and build a long-term recurring income. Nick stated, “Demand for exclusive content and interaction with models has never been higher, and the current pandemic has only accelerated and grown this demand”. Nick recognized the need for models to establish their own websites to monetize their fans as opposed to relying on popular platforms in which the models have no control or guarantees.

McCandless Group designs, builds, and manages fully custom websites for models worldwide. The technology powering these websites continues to advance on a daily basis and is fueled by data science, psychology, and constant analysis to ensure that their models are maximizing their potential revenue. McCandless strongly believes in being a true partner with each model that he signs, and believes that fostering a personal relationship with each model is key. Rather than leaving his models to learn the complexities of this business on their own, Nick mentors each model to show them techniques and strategies which have proven to be the most lucrative across the hundreds of model sites he is involved with on a daily basis. He enjoys watching the models he works with transition from mainstream platforms to their own official sites which has increased their earnings by as much as 25x what they were making prior. Understanding the science, psychology, and strategies behind generating the maximum income for a model are just a few of the components Nick brings to his business to ensure all of the models he works with succeed. With Nick’s understanding of the industry combined with his personal approach, McCandless Group has managed to produce millions in revenue each month for their models.

McCandless often recalls the moment he knew his new business was going to be a massive success. He already had existing connections with a few models in the industry, and he asked them if they would be interested in working with him to test his idea. After immediately finding success with the first few models he worked with, Nick began conducting outreach and signed a plethora of social media models who boast high followings and impressive engagement rates. He quickly recognized that the existing exclusive content platforms most models were using had a serious lack of ownership and control, zero monitoring to protect the model’s content, stigma tied to the platforms, as well as the risk associated with these platforms being tied to their Instagram accounts. Nick McCandless has made it his mission to ensure each and every model he works with has ownership in what they are building, that their content is protected from being leaked, and that the model’s desired brand is honored. It brings him joy knowing that the model’s own official website is an asset that no brand or individual can tarnish.

McCandless is passionate about helping others find success, and it’s through this passion that he’s managed to help hundreds of individuals change their lives in ways they never thought possible. We can’t wait to see what Nick and McCandless Group have in store, and we wish them all the best in 2020 as well as years to come.

You can keep up with Nick McCandless on his Instagram, and keep up to date with McCandless Group on their Instagram and website.



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