22 Ways to Explode Your Social Media Shares — INFOGRAPHIC

People love numbers. Numbers like email subscribers and twitter followers are the commonly talked about; they are also considered very important for online success. One other number that new bloggers struggle with but crave for is the number of social shares; this number is a signal for search engines to rank a site or a piece of content. If a piece of content has been shared a huge number of times — it most likely means it is funny, awesome or both. How do you increase the number of social shares of your content? Here is a list of 22 tips that can explode your social sharing.

1. Write Something in Detail & Provide Value

When you produce something epic and in detail that provides great value to the reader they naturally tend to share it. This is not about word count but rather the detail. Writing something epic truly takes time but well worth the social media attention. Look at the image below to see the correlation of content length with number of social media shares for a popular blogging site.

To make content socially valuable it needs to stand out from the million posts that come out daily, may be even more. It has to teach something, something the author learned, something the users can implement, tutorials or how to posts, tips and tricks etc…

Stats like number of shares, comments, feedback in social media, new followers or new email subscribers can all give an indication if the content has done well. If the content has not done well then we can check others content that has done well to learn. We can use tools like Buzzsumo or Quicksprout to check on popular sites or popular posts.

2. Create an Awesome Infographic

A good Infographic is tempting to share, something vibrant, colourful and informative. This Infographic ‘Secrets to being Productive’ on Entreprenuer.com was shared 46K times in social media. Infographics are also an awesome tool to convey complex messages quickly and make them easy to understand. Other awesome advantages of Infographics are generating traffic and backlinks to your site or blog.