Boost Productivity of your Sales Team with Mobile CRM

In any business, time is money. To close a deal, your salesperson needs to be in touch with the right lead at the right time with the right information. For this to happen, the sales reps need to have access to data at their fingertips at all times. But what if they are out on the road or away on a business trip? Does this mean they won’t be able to conduct business as usual? Well, no business can afford such a scenario and that is exactly why mobile CRM is the need of the hour.

What is Mobile CRM?

Mobile CRM empowers sales reps to access customer data & customer accounts on their mobile phones/ tablets. An ideal Mobile CRM would let them do everything they could with a traditional CRM without requiring them to be at their office desk.

Don’t underestimate the power of Mobile CRM

Research by Innoppl Technologies shows how 65% of sales reps who work at companies that have adopted a mobile CRM have achieved their sales quotas as opposed to just 22%of reps from non-Mobile CRM enabled companies.

The Benefits of Mobile CRM:

Mobile CRM will open new and unexplored avenues for your sales team. The key to success in today’s business landscape is not to work harder but to work smarter. Mobile CRM is one tool that will give your organization a distinct advantage.

1.Accelerate the Sales Process

By having access to crucial information such as product information, account history, price lists etc., sales reps can make well informed decisions quickly and respond to leads faster.

Less time will be wasted searching for a contact and trying to remember what conversation did you have last time and more time will be spent on having meaningful discussions.

This will accelerate the customer buying process, leading to improved conversion rates.

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