How to Get the Fastest Results in Life (You’ll be Surprised by the Answer)

As an entrepreneur, and a big believer in setting goals. I’m also in a hurry for results. I want to achieve my goals, all of them, and fast!

I’m not very patient.

I’ve had to learn an interesting thing along my journey, and wanted to share it with you.

You may already know this…

What’s the secret to getting the fastest results?


When I first heard this, (and I think it came from Dr. Wayne Dyer), I didn’t get it. How could being patient lead to faster results?

The answer is, by being patient, you are not focused on the results of your actions.

By being patient, you can focus on your actions, and be independent of the outcome.

By being independent of the outcome, you can be much more productive, and therefore get much more done, and through doing more, your results will come more quickly.

If you are focused on results, you are more likely to spend time worrying, time wondering, time pondering, and fretting, and doubting, and ultimately fearing. None of these “ing’s” will get any work done, and it takes actual work to get results.

My advice to you (and to myself) is to not focus on the results, but instead focus on the behaviors and actions, improving and repeating day by day, and have the confidence that the results will follow.

I’ve seen this approach work remarkably well in my recruiting business as well as in my writing and coaching business. I bet you’ve seen the same in your business.

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Originally published at on September 24, 2015.