I’ve been on what seems like a roller coaster ride with network marketing over the last 15 years. But I always knew that the 40/40/40 plan would not work for me. We work 40hrs, for 40 years, and then try to retire on 40% of what we made. How’s that working for ya? Well, the closer I get to retirement, I can tell you that it doesn’t work for me!

I used to wonder about other people, “Why wait until the later years in life to attempt to live out your dreams?” until I found myself in my ‘later years’ still trying to live out my dreams. Funny how things turn out sometimes. But, I have found a company, a couple actually, that I like, to make the money I want and live the lifestyle I want. The reality is: Everyone dies. Time is limited.

Just the other day, I heard that the majority of people over the age of 55 have only $100,000 dollars in savings. That’s not nearly enough to retire on; and with the state of Social Security in the U.S., people are looking for ways to supplement their current income. I found a company that sells a brain nutrition product. This is where I’m parking to help fuel my retirement. People find different ways to get to where they’re trying to get to. If you have found your vehicle, good for you. If not, I’d love to show you what I’m doing. Here’s some info: http://bit.ly/1RVTr9W

The main thing: Never Give Up on your dreams. #DreamBIGG