Key CRM Features for Financial Industry

Due to the cut throat competition, many financial services organizations be it banks, insurance companies or capital markets, find it difficult to differentiate themselves. The nature of the industry is such that the product could be easily imitated, making it difficult for them to set themselves apart from the competitors. Many organizations have realized that in order to gain a competitive edge and win more business, they need to enrich their customer relationship experience. By implementing a CRM solution that has the quintessential financial services features, a business can improve customer retention, become more competitive and increase profits. In this blog, we will take a look at the key CRM features for financial industry that will help companies address all the needs of their clients.

1- 360-Degree View of Financials

Have accurate and up-to-date information about the products used by your clients, their incomes, debts, loans, credit scores and other details. Store centralized data about customers including transactions, interactions and preferences. Full client knowledge will make financial advisors respond instantly when problems arise.

2- Contact Management

This provides a searchable database of stored client contact information as well as important documents such as contracts and sales proposals.

3- Lead Management

Banks, insurance companies and other businesses in the finance industry need lead acquisition and funneling tools. When a lead comes in, it needs to be routed to the correct agent, advisor or manager, and then tracked correctly.

4- Customer Engagement

The CRM should contain tools which improve customer engagement, including email newsletters, social media integration and relationship tracking.

5- Marketing Management

Send out multi-channel and multi-wave campaigns and derive maximum ROI for every marketing dollar. Design and personalize marketing messages and target campaigns towards the most suitable segments.

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