On the Cultivation of Commitment — How to Become a Master

You are never satisfied with your work. You have looked for new ways to make yourself better. Your expectations have always aimed too high. Essential skills have been improved. And you are always looking ahead. And that’s what you think about all day, every day.

You want to become a master of your art. Achieving perfection in a single aspect of human endeavors, that purpose, you cherish the most. You want to communicate better to others — be heard and understood — ; or are in the need of honest recognition for something you do well. The pursuit of excellence. But, lo and behold, every time you climb an obstacle and achieve a higher objective, there is something high up there for you to desire, for you to conquer.

True masters posses the spirit of a craftsman. Yes, inspiration works fine. Of course, good luck is mandatory. Naturally, talent is basic. But only practice, commitment, patience, perseverance, perspiration, a devotion to craftsmanship, will get you a place among the stars.

Be serious. Oscar Wilde said once: “Stupidity is the beginning of seriousness”. Fine, you give him that, for is true. But that doesn’t get away with the fact that you have to work hard, and even more so: dedication, every-day repetition, reaching the-point-beyond-exhaustion-and-ever-yonder, will grant you the fruits of glory.

But hard-work does not settle it. “The man who thinks he has arrived, won’t walk no more”, said Giovanni Papini. Aspiring to improve, demanding a bit more from yourself, pushing your skill and stamina further every day, every time. And then a bit more. Devote some of your precious time for cleaning and your environments. Make it zen. When your surroundings are dirty, messy, or cluttered, creativity will decrease in ways you may not yet grasp. It doesn’t mean you have to obsess with tidying, but bear in mind that your environment is a mirror of your mind.

It doesn’t always have to be other’s people’s ways. Yes, you have to become a great listener first; you have to understand people; you allow yourself to be touched, and that’s a path to Enlightenment. Allow the whole world to affect you, let yourself be touched. All living things speak to you in wondrous and endless manners. But, ho! Once you realize you have a place among the living, when you acknowledge your purpose in life, only then you must take possession of your destiny. Embrace who you are, and ride incessantly in pursuit of your dreams. It’s your vision, you are responsible for it. It’s up to you to make it happen. Have it your way.

Never complain. Devote your whole life to mastery. Only then you will be blessed with honor.