The Most Effective Ways to Be More Successful

Everyone going into business wants to be successful — who wants to fail? — but what are the real secrets to roaring ahead of your rivals and becoming a proper powerhouse?

What’s luck got to do with the success of entrepreneurs? Practically nothing. As every high-flying businessperson knows, you create your own. Knowing just how to do that is the essential first step on the golden path to all kinds of riches and rewards.

Define your success

It may sound ridiculously obvious, but in order to achieve something, you need to know what that achievement will be realised as — what the tangible results will be.

So many people go blindly into business, without any real vision or goals, hoping that it will some day just magically all work out. Not surprisingly, for many in that largely clueless mindset, it often doesn’t.

The message here is; be a thought leader.

This applies not only to business, but all areas of life, from careers to friendships and relationships. Thinking hard at the outset about what you want, and how you’re going to get there, will help drive you along the way. So activate that brainpower now!

Never limit your beliefs

The next step is to have belief in yourself and what you’re doing.

Dithering about and projecting a weak image is not going to get you anywhere. The bottom line is; if you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will. So stand up, be strong — and radiate exuberance and confidence that will act as a magnet to attract all sorts of people and opportunities.

‘Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.’ — Henry Ford

Drop the envy

Now we come to the N-word; negativity. It’s all around us and can be incredibly destructive.

In business, a career or whatever, it’s all too tempting to fall into the sticky trap of being envious of others — the rival business that’s so much bigger and profitable, the colleague who keeps on getting promotions and more money, and on it goes.

Drop it, stop it — and, while surely keeping an eye on what’s happening around you, open your mind and start positively focusing on your own success. That will cancel the corrosive negativity right out.

Find a mentor

No businessman or woman truly is an island, meaning you can’t just keep to yourself and think you have all the right answers, because in many cases you won’t.

Successful businesspeople surround themselves with mentors; experienced folk who have excelled in their chosen fields and are now in a position to guide others and pass their knowledge on.

Think of it as an apprenticeship, and when you’re older, and hopefully far wiser and incredibly successful, you can do the same for newcomers too.

Learn quickly from mistakes

No matter what you’re doing, you’re going to make mistakes — that’s life and there is no way around it. So don’t be fearful of messing things up, as it’s going to happen.

Yes, you know what’s coming; the key is to learn from those mistakes quickly, so you can anticipate potential problems ahead and avoid them. So the next time something goes wrong, ask yourself how you could have prevented it from happening, and carry this with you moving forwards.

In all of this, it’s important not just to think about it or talk about it — but to take real action.

Within you is the power to bring about real success in your life.

Within you is the power to bring about real success in your life.

Joshua K. Jackson is the Co-Founder of Zappudo, an online recruitment marketplace where employers partner with specialist recruiters to help them hire digital talent through a web-based app. The mission is to make hiring simpler, more collaborative, and more effective.

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