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Marketing Smarter with AI

artificial intelligence(AI) in marketing solutions

While artificial intelligence(AI) in marketing solutions is a common strategy, experts recommend several new use cases to enhance campaigns

Artificial intelligence in marketing-based solutions is a common affair today. Most tools and services place sophisticated audience targeting and segmentation tools at every marketer’s disposal for them to connect with customers, effortlessly. Marketers expect new data applications and smarter algorithms to maintain a competitive edge. Experts suggest companies consider innovative use cases for AI in marketing.

For instance, AI can help build highly personalized advertising designs for advertising campaigns. Marketers can use algorithms to come up with the style, design, and color schemes for the various advertising materials required for a campaign. They can all be tailored differently to suit the requirements of specific groups of audiences or even individual customers. Enhancing customer engagement to a great extent, AI can also be used to determine the necessary changes during an ongoing campaign and strengthen results.

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While some marketers have already begun using tools that utilize NL algorithms to create customized advertisement creatives, some use AI to recognize and categorize customer segments through behavior patterns.

Meanwhile, a new AI trend for marketers to enhance market penetration and brand awareness is possible with AI in image recognition. Computer vision technology allows the software to derive meaningful information from images. Marketers can scan images that are uploaded on social media platforms and be equipped with data insights about how their products or services are being received by customers.

Even with B2B brands, trend analysis is an important marketing strategy. With AI, marketers can identify changing customer habits and the changing market to keep up with the latest trends and then market accordingly. Experts suggest marketers assess the effectiveness of competitor’s campaigns with AI too. It is crucial to protect the brand perception and allow AI to drop alerts on inappropriate use of the brand name or the rise of any counterfeits.

Social media marketing campaigns might be the more popular strategy, but SEO research has always been a critical aspect of marketing, and SEO is still claimed to be the biggest driver of marketing success. Today, brands are using more sophisticated SEO routines that work on machine learning algorithms. They help marketers understand the intent of certain keyword usages along with the content of searches. Experts recommend marketing teams use AI to spot gaps in marketing strategies and develop better SEO-friendly content.

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Another important AI-driven marketing strategy is to track website traffic and locate any malfunctions in the marketing funnel. Intelligent website audits are recommended to keep churn rate and customer retention in check. Traditionally, website audits required a third-party expert and cost time, money, and other resources. With more automated and intelligent tools, brands do not have to invest frequent audit money to improve efficiency. Purchasing an AI-driven solution is a long-term investment. For instance, non-optimized images or slow-loading pages that irk customers can quickly be identified and fixed with regular AI audits.

With a deeper understanding of AI, several brands have begun to look beyond usual use cases and marketers are thinking big. AI in marketing trends is always evolving with better techniques and solutions introduced every other day.

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