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Using Advanced Analytics to Deal with Disinformation

Advanced Analytics

In an online environment populated with fake information, experts suggest brands upgrade their social media monitoring tools with AI, ML, and sentiment analysis

With increased access to customers today, B2B marketers invest in several innovative campaigns to maintain retention and churn rates. Unfortunately, customers end up sifting through genuine campaign information, possible scams and phishing mail, and at times, even genuine brand information gets tossed away.

Although marketing teams leverage social media monitoring and tracking, experts recommend companies re-evaluate their strategies. They should leverage social sentiment tools that can analyze customers better and respond to potential misinformation that can mar the B2B brand reputation online.

Meanwhile, it is critical that marketers recognize that their customers might be engaged in an online environment that is spooked with inaccurate narratives. One of the most common reasons for brand information to be disregarded amid fake news is the lacking attribute of value addition. Experts believe customers would not bother considering the brand claim if it does not involve differential performance. Without offering advantage and credible proof points, the claim is probably discarded without a second thought.

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A late 2020 Pew Research Center Survey states that around 50 percent of US adult citizens agree to reading news and other information from social media websites. Additionally, another research points that users are likely to engage in misinformation 2.5 times more than they did in 2019. The accelerating complexities of media literacy and source discernment require rethinking.

Experts reckon the buzzword ‘fake news’ no longer carries the sentiment of concern and caution. The increased prevalence of false opinions and pieces of information that sows discord manipulates trust, disrupts sales, and has begun to desensitize both the industries and consumers. It is up to the brand marketers to get knee-deep into the task of combating disinformation and bot campaigns.

Experts recommend marketers begin with basics. It is important to ensure a deep understanding of all customers before planning defensive strategies. While demographics are helpful data, it is crucial to take audience analysis beyond the customer’s background information. Customer values and behavior are the keys to being able to fight bots online. If brands are aware of their audience behavior, it would be easy to discern the real from the fake during an unusual communication. Eliminating bot-driven discussion online before it drives a business impact is critical.

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Furthermore, the identification of influential fake accounts, websites, and key players can help marketing teams stay a step ahead of social chaos. Analyzing their profiles, tracking their activities and their influences across platforms will provide vital data insights. With a better idea of how the disinformation discourse spreads across the web, marketers can empower themselves to create relevant marketing and security strategies.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tool can also strengthen brands to eliminate disinformation. They can offer data patterns and behavioral insights about the involved bad actors that are both cost-effective and possess the ability to increase the speed of the operation. A good social media monitoring tool integrated with advanced technologies can sway social sentiment and customer susceptibility to disinformation.

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