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Blockchain Solutions | Educational Tools

Blockchain Solutions | Educational Tools — DATA Box


Business2Blockchain sourced expert Blockchain Software providers to create business solutions and networks by implementing Blockchain Software Technology.
We collaborate with critical thinking analysis in the areas of, business network design and workflow processes to establish consensus governance by scaling lateral and vertical Blockchain Solutions.

The platform provides for an all-encompassing engine, which students, staff, individuals, companies & countries can utilize with all the information and access they require during their time at school, university, home & workplace. The app contains platforms that bring together a range of services and for specific use cases can be personalized in various industries, like Identification, Education, Payment Solutions, a Community Landing Page and even COVID-19, bringing together communities in a Blockchain verified secure environment.

The data is transparent and can range on levels of security or access. It automates the process with accuracy so that you don’t need any 3d party involvement or lengthy admin processes. We can furthermore also automate the payment processes within the community developing infrastructure with smart contracts. The “Hub/Box” adds to the value bringing the community together with the educational side that can add extra dimension giving lecturers, professionals, even artists the opportunity to teach and engage and see verifiable certification without question.

About DATA Box

• User alert systems (daily campus/location-specific news etc.)

Collaborative spaces to share work with lecturers and other students

• Fully decentralized Blockchain integration (from multimedia to certificate issuance) to provide a tamper-proof environment and authentication

Academic performance support (allowing users to view results and portfolios, request help)

Student chat rooms (allowing forums and discussions on projects and other creative media news)

Radio & Media Networks (allowing submission of playlists and viewing upcoming events)

Online Store (shopping online for products from brand partners)

Student-Lecturer interaction (for students to have one-to-one support, reviewing old lectures)

  • Integration of multiple LMS’s such as Canvas, Moodle, Google classroom, Teams, and custom made LMS’s into one mapped instance
Educational Tools & Consultancy

Why DATA Box

DATAbox is a fully customizable platform with full Restful API capabilities that can integrate into any environment.

• This range of services will allow students a single point of call to work alongside the school/university/workplace staff, as well as other students, to complete their courses.

• This service will initially allow the educational institution to build a greater brand identity worldwide, creating engagement and allowing students to feel a part of a wider group rather than members of a single school/campus.

• This service is captured on Blockchain Technology, Transparent, Immutable and Secure and is designed to save time and money by secure Blockchain AI Trusted Issuance and Automation.

• A range of possibilities is available with open source API integration for a single plug and play to the full package Educational Solution.

DATA Box Dashboard

• Fully customizable dashboard

• Customizable Profile page

• Booking system with multiple LMS integration

• Project Portfolio from multiple LMS

• Blockchain-powered Identification and Certification process

• Blockchain-powered private social space

• Media center (Radio stations, IP TV network to name a few)

• Online store for merchandise, Plugins, VST plugins with direct partner integration

• Classes and material from multiple LMS

• Live Lectures, master classes or pre-recorded with note taking and direct interaction

I fully believe that our platform DATA Box can become one of the world’s best software applications, taking away, old lengthy and costly admin processes by automating workflows with a combination of verified and transparent implementations. By adding the Blockchain Technology into a Hub Tool format adding value to the community.

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