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6 Best Financial Management Courses & Certification [2020]

20 + Experts have compiled this list of Best Financial Management Course and Certification available online for 2019. It includes both paid and free resources to help you to learn about Financial Management, and these courses are suitable for beginners, intermediate learners as well as experts.

1. Financial Management Certification by Illinois (Coursera)

Offered as a part of the MBA degree by the University of Illinois, this is an intermediate level specialization. Begin by discussing financial accounting, investment, and foundational terminologies before moving on to the evaluation of strategies to make critical corporate decisions. In addition to this, you will also go over capital markets, and build a framework that will come in handy for management of financial factors.

Key USPs –

– Perform firm valuation and analysis of cash flow statements.

– Assess risk factors and see how they affect investment.

– Learn anywhere and anytime with a flexible schedule.

– Code transactions in accounting language.

– Explore principles of revenue recognition, inventories, and receivables.

– Plenty of examples, models, and demonstrations based on real-world based scenarios.

– Audit lessons for free and earn the certification by going for the purchasable version.

Duration: 7 months, 6 hours per week

Rating: 4.7 out of 5

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2. Accounting and Financial Management by University of Maryland (edX)

If you are in mid-stage of your professional career are looking for training that will elevate you towards financial leadership level then this program is worth a look. Analyze financial transactions and reach decisions that will help your organization to grow. Look into the concepts of liabilities, revenue, asset, equity and take uncertainty parameters into consideration. By the end of the classes you will be confident and ready for successfully leading your company.

Key USPs-

– Assess case studies of challenges faced by real companies and come up with efficient solutions.

– Create strategies and hone your problem-solving skills.

– Understand the time value of money and its effects.

– The mentors will be there every step of the way to answer your doubts.

– Follow the order of the modules to get the most out of the experience.

Duration: 4 courses, 8 weeks per course, 10 to 15 hours per week

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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3. Top Financial Management Courses with Certificate (Coursera)

Coursera offers you over 200 programs, and learning paths that are aligned with the goal to help you become a better financial manager, analyst, and leader. If you are a beginner then there are courses that talk about accounting for IT professionals, managing portfolios, and business technology among other foundational topics. Whereas if you are ready for a little more challenge then FinTech related risks, global strategy and economics, application for investors, and academic degrees might be a better fit for you.

Key USPs-

– Classes for beginners have little or no prerequisites.

– Choose among professional and master track certificates, specializations and degrees.

– Work on hands-on projects that give you the opportunity to integrate and implement what you have learned.

– Finish the assessments and assignments to earn the completion badge.

– Lectures can be audited for free which is suitable for self-study.

Duration: Self-paced

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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4. Financial Management Courses (edX)

Top institutions from around the world have created a series of courses that majorly focus on two areas namely management of personal wealth and business finance. Categorized into beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, the platform makes sure that everyone can upgrade their existing set of skills. Analyze finance scenarios, take risk factors into account and finally make decisions that will help you and your organization to grow.

Key USPs-

– Take your pick from individual or micromasters program and professional certifications.

– Explore shareholders, planning and controlling principles, as well as the impact of interest rate.

– Get acquainted with tools and software for analytics, development of policies and frameworks.

– Go over fiscal transparency reporting and risks.

– Demonstrations and case studies based on economic situations and difficulties faced by countries and large organizations.

Duration: Self-paced

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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5. Financial Management Classes Online (Udemy)

If you are confused by the huge number of tutorials and courses for this area available on this website then Udemy has a solution for you. You can take the available quiz that will narrow down suitable choices for you based on your profile. Among the bestsellers you will find CFO leadership, cost accounting, restructuring of investment banking, money, spending and reconciling, security returns to name a few.

Key USPs-

– Use the mean methods, asset pricing models to evaluate the estimated returns on stocks.

– Assess the performance of your investment portfolio and leverage the diversification features.

– Training available to help you prepare for jobs in the banking industry.

– Identify shortcomings in organizational planning and creative solutions.

– Lectures + Exercises + Downloadable resources + Practice tests + Full lifetime access

Duration: Self-paced

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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6. Financial Management Cornell Certificate Program (eCornell)

Keeping in mind the huge demand for financial management skills Cornell University has designed this program. Commence by getting an overview of the field and breaking down the fundamental terminologies. Apart from this you will also navigate through tools that are useful in articulating business proposals and communicating with clients and managers. Upon the end of the journey you will have knowledge that will be useful throughout your professional life.

Key USPs-

– Use spreadsheets and calculators to perform crucial calculations.

– Choose suitable projects for your company that will help it to grow faster and profit.

– Get an in-depth look into the financial form of your organization by performing ratio analysis.

– Understand balance sheets, cash flow, and income statements.

– Develop strategies by gaining insight from economic data from numerous sources.

– Earn professional development units, credits, CEUs and more.

Duration: 3 months, 4 to 6 hours per week

Rating: 4.4 out of 5

You can Sign up Here

So these were the 6 Best Financial Management Tutorial, Class, Course, Training & Certification available online for 2019. Hope you found what courses you were looking for. Wish you a Happy Learning!



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