Supporter Spotlight: KEEN, Outdoor Research, & ECOS

Shining the spotlight on three more companies we love! The support of each of these businesses has been essential to realizing Operation Vote Safe’s mission of building a safe, secure, and accessible voter experience in 2020.


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KEEN makes protective, waterproof, sustainable footwear for the men and women of this country. Their creation of effective, environmentally conscious shoes has allowed the company to educate others on sustainability and drive lasting change through advocacy and conservation. KEEN recognizes its privilege as a business and chooses to use its influence to lobby public officials to protect public lands and mobilize clean water initiatives. KEEN’s commitment to taking action has led them to partner with Business for America to help overcome the obstacles facing this year’s election.

KEEN is committed to donating 2,000 of their KEEN Together masks to Native American communities in New Mexico. This donation is just one way they are helping to ensure a safer and more reliable 2020 election. KEEN has also created the Call To Action Phone Booth that includes directions, phone numbers, and scripts to help voters contact their government officials to request change on their behalf. We are proud to partner with KEEN as we believe their work exemplifies how effective corporate involvement can be in creating real governmental change.

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Outdoor Research

Although they are known for their innovative and durable clothing, the work being done by Outdoor Research goes way beyond the perfect hiking jacket. Outdoor Research conducts everything they do from their five core beliefs: A Culture of Respect, Innovation That Works, Improve Every Day, Beauty in Function, and the Power of the Journey. Outdoor Research has transformed these core beliefs into action, all while giving back to the communities that we all explore. The values of Outdoor Research align with the Business for America belief that it is corporate America’s obligation to help preserve our representative democracy.

The partnership between Outdoor Research and BFA has allowed Outdoor Research to encourage residents to not only get outside, but get outside and vote. Outdoor Research has distributed 10,000 of their high-efficacy filtered masks to county election offices in Washington and Pennsylvania. In addition, the company is donating 80 of their famous high-performance rain jackets to protect poll workers and absentee ballot handlers around Washington state. Outdoor Research is working to ensure that everyone is able to make it to the polls this November regardless of pandemic, rain, or shine!

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ECOS is dedicated to protecting the wellness of the planet through their sustainable and economical cleaning products. They ensure that not only their products, but the individuals behind the products, have a positive impact on the world. In 2013, ECOS achieved carbon neutrality as the company switched their facilities over to rely primarily on renewable energy. This achievement allowed ECOS to save over 56 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions every year. In addition to the incredible work ECOS is doing to benefit the health of our planet, the company is also committed to ensuring the wellness of those of those inside their facilities. In 2018, ECOS HQ was recognized as a Top Workplace by The Orange County Register for creating a positive, supportive, and collaborative work environment for their employees.

Through Operation Vote Safe, ECOS’ mission to protect and keep clean extends to those who are headed out to the polls in November. ECOS has partnered with Business for America to ensure that both poll workers and voters are staying safe and healthy despite COVID-19. We are excited to announce that ECOS will be donating bottles of their disinfecting spray to polling stations across the nation so that everyone can enjoy a safe and healthy Election Day.

The election is just weeks away, but there are still many things your business can do to help deliver a safe, secure, accessible 2020 election. To get involved, please contact us!

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