Best Options for Hiring Police Misconduct Lawyers

Police Misconduct is a violation of the behaviour law states for the professional being of a policeman. In simpler words it covers an array of the behaviour that is a contravention of the law that the police have sworn to perform their duty, protect the rights of people etc. Police who commits misconduct can be filed and tried under criminal prosecution and civil litigation as well.

Police Officers Charged with Misconduct

If you are charged with police misconduct whether you have behaved irresponsibly or not, you might be sued with a civil case. At this point, you need to discuss all your legal options, for which you need to find the best police misconduct attorney. Cases of police being found guilty of misconduct may have to face imprisonment, demotion in rank or even expulsion from the police.

Victims of the Police Misconduct

In case you are the victim of a police misconduct case, you can meet a lawyer that can help you sort out the legal requirements you need to file the case. You can press criminal charges, file a civil law suit, or even go for both. These kind of cases usually get a lot of public interest, so often in the settlement, there is a large sum of money etc. The victim should never be intimidated or afraid to fight against the police. For this, the first step is to find the best police misconduct lawyer near you.

Following are some legal options you can consider in case of police misconduct:

Fieger Law

Fieger Law is one of Michigan’s top police misconduct firms and have a legal team of qualified professional who have also scored awards for their services. They are always crowded with people who have been mistreated by police/security officers which earns them good points for their name but is also alarming how many police officers mistreat the public on daily basis.

Geragos & Geragos

Geragos & Geragos is popular for its work in criminal law and civil litigation, which makes them ideal for police misconduct representation. Their legal team is always easy to approach and will explore possible options with you to file a case and settle through multiple ways.

Gaskins Bennett Birrell, LLP

This is a Minnesota based firm which deals with police misconduct cases; and are popular for representing mostly victims of the case. Their civil rights practice has made its name in the legal world, and are always ready to fight on your behalf, and give you the rights you need. Gaskins Bennett Birrell LLP has experience of over three decades; so,if you are a police misconduct victim, they are a great option for you to consider.


At 1–800-THE-LAW2 you do not have to worry about spending a fortune over legal representation. They have no upfront fee, so you don’t have to worry about the expenses and know about the details first. Their contact is as easy as it gets, just dial their name and contact them for their services.


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We provide the best advice for small business owners. Visit us to find small business talk shows, how-to videos, and blogs packed with small business tips.

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