How to Support Your Nonprofit During the Pandemic

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Support Your Nonprofit During the Pandemic
Support Your Nonprofit During the Pandemic

Throughout the ongoing pandemic, many nonprofit organizations have had to postpone or cancel fundraising events in keeping with social distancing regulations and to help keep their communities safe. These cancellations have taken a toll on nonprofits by greatly reducing the number of donations and other assistance organizations have been able to receive and, in turn, give back to their communities.

Because of the pandemic and the many people affected, it’s more important than ever for nonprofits to receive contributions, and more people than ever want to give. But how?

Where to Start

Whether you’re with a nonprofit organization or you’re a donor wanting to help, makes it easy. The world’s largest Universal Gift Registry platform, MyRegistry allows nonprofits and individuals to create online Wish Lists to support their organization or a cause important to them, while donors are able to safely contribute from home.

Over the past year, MyRegistry has been able to support hundreds of nonprofits as they collect donations of toys, vital supplies, food, and other gifts by making it easy to give online. One of the most successful initiatives MyRegistry partnered with, the ABC7 Spark of Love Toy Drive, collected thousands of new toys and hundreds of thousands in contributions for underserved children throughout Southern California. Donors were able to give toys through the organization’s MyRegistry Wish List if they weren’t comfortable dropping them off in person.

Creating a Nonprofit Wish List on MyRegistry is quick and easy, with just a few quick steps needed to create an account.

Choosing Gifts for Donation

On MyRegistry, nonprofits can add desired items to their Wish List by downloading the Add to Button browser extension, which lets them add products directly to their Wish List from any store in the world with just a click. As items are added, the user can also designate the quantity desired, along with colors, sizes, and other details. But what law says about this, you need to check complete info here.

MyRegistry also offers a Cash Gift Fund option, an easy way for donors to contribute money directly, to be used for the nonprofits most pressing needs.

Customizing a Nonprofit Wish List

Once the Wish List has been created, it can be customized. MyRegistry allows users to edit the appearance of their Wish List by choosing a different background color or adding an image to represent their organization. They can also organize the list by priority or other order.

In addition to these options, nonprofits are advised to add a Welcome page, including additional information about the organization, a link to their website, details about an accompanying event, and the shipping address. (Note: The shipping address will be provided by MyRegistry as well, but it’s helpful to include it on the Welcome page as a reminder.)

Sharing a Wish List

Once a user has completed the Wish List, it’s ready to be shared. With MyRegistry, that’s as simple as creating a custom URL to spread the word and provide access to the Wish List. Depending on preference, the Wish List can be set to private or public view.

Nonprofits can also embed a link to their Wish List right on their own website, where it will be seen by every visitor to their site. Of course, the more widely the Wish List is shared, the greater the chance of fulfilling all the donations requested.

MyRegistry’s goal is to be a resource and partner for every organization and individual that uses the platform for a Nonprofit Wish List. With the pandemic still ongoing, MyRegistry helps to ensure that each organization’s Wish List can be fulfilled in the safest possible way.

Visit to create your Nonprofit Wish List — or to donate to a good cause!



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