How to take your Christmas décor to the next level

Uneeba Hussain
Oct 4, 2020 · 3 min read

Thinking of going an extra mile this year with your Holiday season preparations but don’t know what to do? Don’t worry, we’ve got you all covered on what to choose from and how to take your Christmas décor to a whole other level!

Linly Designs, interior décor shop based in Chicago is one of the leading interior decoration brands out there and their Christmas décor speaks for itself. Their yearly Christmas showrooms leaves their customers and the public in complete awe! So you shouldn’t hesitate a bit in trusting them with your seasonal décor. Whether you choose to purchase items or have their team revamp your house for the Holiday, it’s all upto you. This Holiday season, leave your guests adorned with their holiday gifts, table runners, home décor and Christmas decorations. From customized handmade floral arrangements to one of it’s kind gifts, their items amaze their viewers as always.

One easy way to make your house come into the holiday spirits is by using floral arrangements. One can never go wrong with floral arrangements. Adding fresh foliage to your doors, staircases is a great way to add that holiday spirit to your house’s decorations. You can also opt for a full, show stopping garlands wrapped around your staircase railing in the entryway or decorate them onto your fireplace. Other than that, you can also place wreaths at unusual places such as mirrors and chairbacks to add an unexpected effect. The floral designer at Linly Designs will help you in designing garlands and floral arrangements according to your taste and the one that will best fit your house’s aroma, aswell as they offer a wide variety of stems, colors, ribbons and more to select from so that your Holiday home is one to remember.

Whether you want to purchase a decoration item for your home, a tree or whether you want their design team to revamp your house for the Holidays, it’s all upto you! Their design team consists of highly trained professionals that will make sure there are no But’s in your home décor this season assuring that your guests will be left oohing and aahing. Their design team can also help assist you in choosing decoration pieces for your home from table runners to stockings, you name it and they will be there to guide you on the best possible piece you could get. Their décor team also visits your house to place each item in it’s own perfect place where it fits best, place garlands and even decorate your tree. You can get in contact with their floral designer to provide you with floral arrangements or beautiful customized garlands keeping in mind your preferances to add in a special effect since one can never go wrong with garlands especially the magnolia leaf garlands and the classic cedar garlands.

If you’re residing in Chicago, you’d definitely know that nobody does Christmas décor like Linly! Their Annual Linly Designs Christmas Open House is one of the most anticipating events of the seasons where the public awaits to get even a glimpse of their décor for the year. The 11,000 squarefoot showroom is completely transformed overnight into a breathtakingly beautiful Winter Wonderland by their design team that work hard throughout the year. The brainstormings take effect from January and continue throughout the year, and finally is brought to life and the end of the year. Each year, the showroom is filled with Christmas trees each elegantly designed in accordance to it’s theme. If you desire, you can even purchase the whole tree just as it is designed!


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