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When you enter the field of software development, you will be taken by surprise by the number of programming languages that are available to you. The biggest confusion will be to imagine where to start and which will prove to be useful for the future. Each programming language has its own complexity and intricacies. But what makes it interesting is how when you start with the most popular and user-friendly program, everything just seems to flow.

In this blog, let’s jump into the 5 most popular and user-friendly programming languages which might help it a tad bit easier in choosing the one that interests you.

Source: Google

1. Javascript:

It’s becoming almost impossible for developers to not use Javascript these days. According to Stack Overflow’s 2020 Developer Survey, JavaScript is the most popular language among developers for the eighth time every year in a row. Nearly 70 percent of survey respondents reported that they had used JavaScript in the past year.

Although Javascript is a front-end language, when paired with Node.js,it can work across all browsers and applications. Leading companies, from Facebook and Twitter to Gmail, use Javascript to create appealing and interactive web pages and user-friendly interfaces.

Because JavaScript has a forgiving, flexible syntax and works across all major browsers, it is one of the friendliest programming languages for beginners.

2. Python:

Python is like the mother of all user-friendly programming languages. Because of its simple syntax and almost English-like features, Python is the most sought after language for beginners as well as professionals. Python is very versatile and can be used widely across applications except mobile applications.

If you are a person who is interested in back-end development, then Python along with the open-source Django framework will help you attain a level of proficiency. It is also easy to learn and feature-rich. Django has been used in the development of some popular sites like Mozilla, Instagram, and Spotify.

Python also has packages such as NumPy and SciPy that are most commonly used in the fields of scientific computing, mathematics, and engineering. Other Python libraries such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, scikit-learn, and OpenCV are used to build programs in data science, machine learning, image processing, and computer vision. Python’s science and data applications make it the most evident choice for the academically inclined.

3. Java:

Java is the programming language most widely and commonly associated with the development of client-server applications, which are used by large businesses across the globe. Java is designed to be a loosely coupled programming language, meaning that an application written in Java can run on any platform that supports Java. As a result, Java is described as the “write once, run anywhere” programming language.

As much as Java is user-friendly, it cannot be used on cloud servers. In addition, the software company Oracle, which owns Java, charges a licensing fee to use the Java Development Kit. But. Java is commonly used in Android mobile operating systems.

4. Swift:

If you are someone who is into the Apple products and also mobile app developments, Swift could be one of the languages that you can learn. Announced by Apple in 2014, it is one of the newest languages out there used for iOS and macOS applications.

Swift has been optimized for performance and built from the ground up to match the realities and intricacies of modern iOS development. We know that iOS runs on not only iPads and iPhones, but also on Apple Watches (watchOS) and Apple TV (tvOS). In addition, Apple continues to be the tech industry leader, and iOS apps continue to be the most profitable in the mobile app marketplace.

5. C++:

The next most common and widely used programming language that is behind every computer game and mathematical simulations is C++. This language is an extension of C that works well for programming systems. C++ also works for multi-device and multi-platform systems. It is a general purpose and object-oriented language built on the foundations of C. Like C, C++ has complex syntax and an abundance of features that can make it complicated for new programmers.

We have listed the top five user-friendly and popular languages that can help you to start your career off as a software developer. We hope this blog helped!




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