Go to Where the Love Is!

Columbus Museum of Art

I volunteer on the committee for the Columbus, Creative Mornings chapter. I was introduced to Creative Mornings by one of the companies I previously worked for. The first time that I attended an event, it was in Atlanta, GA, and after the first…I was HOOKED!

Fast-forward to today, I never thought I would be apart of a chapter and finding different ways to bring the creative community together here in Columbus, OH. I have always appreciate the monthly events, because sometimes you need to be recharged, especially living in a world where it seems as if negativity is every where.

Operating on a lower frequency can slow down your creative output.

For me the same output that I use to create, is the same out as my emotions. So I try to do my best to maintain a healthy and positive environment, one that allows me to create and operate on a higher frequency.

Last Friday, our chapter celebrated our 1st Birthday. As you can see in the photos below, the space was amazing.

Often times, we put so much energy into things and people that will not give us that same energy and love in return. When you continue to be around those that are giving you that love, it is easier to create, and also less stressful. This team always shows love and positive energy, and in our events and everything we do, we try to pass that on to everyone that attends.