I ran across this co-working space in a very non-traditional manner. I try to pay attention to the people that constantly interact with me on any social media platform. It lets me know that they are engaged and we have some sort of commonality.

One of the companies that was heavily engaging in the content was Inkwell Co., a calligraphy company based out of Columbus, OH.

I was sitting at Brioso Coffee (I mean this is called But First, Coffee)

and I noticed that Taylor had like one of my photos I had recently posted, and I clicked on her profile. The address listed on her profile was 10 doors up from the coffee shop that I was sitting at.

I had been looking for another co-working space, other than where I had worked out of previously. I wanted an environment that was in a different part of the city, and that was intimate and closer to my apartment…AND VOILA in comes Zurïe.

Zurïe is located above Due Amici a local Italian restaurant, and ironically Italian is my favorite type of cuisine.

Anyways, not to get too far off track. Zurïe was an idea that came from 3 women that were running their businesses out of their homes, and wanted to have a location other than coffee shops to meet up with clients. Their story alone sold me on the co-working space, as well as the amazing location in downtown Columbus.

One of the great things about working out of a co-working space, is the opportunity to collaborate with other creatives. I will be in the company of a florist, an event planner, and a photographer. I hope to learn more from them as well, especially the catalyst for this next great experience for me and my partners.