It’s Over

This month, I turned 28 years old, and honestly, I don’t think I have ever said to myself, I want to be at THIS stage when I turn 28. Now 30 on the other hand, is more of a milestone age. This is the first birthday that feels completely different. In a weird way, I feel like I am 18 again, and that I get a chance to start over but mentally I am wiser.

The biggest decision I made on my 28th birthday was to LET THINGS GO. There were many uncertainties and situations that honestly, I was afraid to let go of, all because of fear. FEAR.

I didn’t think I lived my life in fear but I did. Being afraid of what others would think or perceive…that is a FEAR. Being afraid of failing as an entrepreneur…another FEAR. Being afraid that I would fail as a husband…FEAR. Being afraid to be a horrible father…FEAR.

Fear affects Trust, not just your trust in people, but the most important person it affects your trust in, is YOURSELF.

Being afraid of my own shortcomings, made me feel as if I couldn’t trust others around me. Whether it was in business or in my personal life. The constant need to “Have to do it myself”, “If I don’t do it, it isn’t going to be done right”, or the most simplistic reason excuse “I got it”. Often times, we don’t always have “it”, meaning we need help, but we don’t want to seem weak, we are coming back to FEAR again. The craziest thing about doing it all on your own, is that there is strength in numbers, you just have to find the right numbers. I can definitely thank El Johnson and Billion or Bust for that.

A key to staying productive is to stay above the noise. The Fear became so overwhelming it distracted me from working. If I don’t work than I can’t eat. I read in a book, somewhere, that creatives have to maintain I high frequency level, because the same energy that they use for their emotions is the same that they use for their creative output.

The moment, I sense something that will negatively affect my frequency, I dismiss myself from the situation. Even sometimes watching the news, and being overly active on social media can drain you mentally, could at times create a sense of anxiety. I practice using social media to market and research, never to idly scroll. Stay away from Idly Scrolling, it can breed lost time and contempt.

Don’t allow Fear to run your life. I was raised on fear and survival, so I lived my life up to certain point that way, but when you understand love, and live on love and not fear situations change.