Not A Gamer

Content creation is a daily part of life for me at this point, and I am constantly thinking of ways to create more! One of my co-workers is a heavy gamer and has been trying to convince me to stream live on Twitch when I play. I wasn’t a big fan of the idea at first, because I believed that online gaming is reserved to the super awesome gamers that literally game for a living. I myself just like to play games when they have cool graphics and a great storyline. In walks in Rockstar Games making their big announcement about LA Noire being re-released.

There is a method to my madness, outside of just creating content.

PROBLEM: As seen in the video above these are two games that I purchased this year, and have yet to play/beat them. I am very disappointed in myself, and I felt as if, I wasted money. Understand, I played and beat Watch Dogs in one week, and I played and beat Mafia II in a weekend.

SOLUTION: I will have no choice but to actually beat the games if I am live-streaming. This will also give me the chance to brush up on my gaming skills leading up to LA Noire.

I will be giving away B.O.B. merchandise, like the shirt that you see the left.

The idea is engage with other entrepreneurs that like to game in their free time. One of those followers will win a free copy of LA Noire.

So if you game add me on Xbox Live. Gamertag: krysdash757

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