Starting my 2018 by Working for a CEO

I got fired from AT&T, December 1st. No worries it was cool, I had started my new job working as a Product Delivery Manager at Duet Health.

Since leaving, life has gotten so much better. I appreciate the job I have now, because I get to learn how to run a start-up company from a different perspective, interning and learning.


A new episode has been released of our podcast “I Got A Story To Tell”. Afrotech is the place to be for every minority entrepreneur this year. We sat down with Speaks Williams to get a first-hand account of the conference held last November in San Francisco. As well as speaking about the importance of us as African-American’s to support one another, and to not always seek approval from the status quo.

EP 104-Speaks Williams

Churchill Estates

A good friend of mine and client, CJ Churchill has plans to disrupt the real estate industry this year, starting in Columbus, Ohio. Although, I can’t reveal the complete plans that he has developed, you can stay updated on the progress through his Medium Publications.

Billion or Bust

Last year we definitely laid the foundation for our company. We added new clients, created new platforms, and made the way to further scale our company by creating MVPs (Minimum Viable Products), my business partner El Johnson better explains that aspect of the business in his article “Does Your Business Have a viable Minimum Viable Product?”.

Limerick Records

Who actually gets involved in the music industry during the current tech climate? I do! Actually I have been involved, and my involvement has created opportunities for the other businesses that I co-run. We are going to bring an event to Phoenix, Arizona just for the community and culture. Details will be released in the next few months.

In Conclusion

With the new job in place, documenting all of the work that I do, has become a bit easier, so I will do a better job of keeping up the Vlogs. I don’t realize the impact that is has, until I receive message or DM from someone asking me when the next episode will be released. Follow my Spotify Playlist called “The Co-Founder’s Soundtrack”. This is the soundtrack to my life. My motivation, hype, peace, and hustle music.