Butter.ai helps you find the documents you need without interrupting your coworkers

Jack Hirsch
Sep 26, 2017 · 3 min read

Looking for documents at work is awful.

Awful for you, awful for your co-workers, and especially awful for that friendly person you just interrupted to ask about a spreadsheet — the one you can’t remember the name of. Did you know that your interruption just cost her seven minutes of lost productivity? Or that a typical worker wastes up to $30,000 in time each year searching for documents in shared folders, cloud apps, and company servers.

No longer.

Today I’m thrilled to announce that we’re releasing Butter.ai to the public. Butter.ai is an app in Slack that helps you find the latest version of any document, no matter where it lives. Just connect your work apps and ask Butter.ai a question. It’ll search everything you have access to and return the most relevant results personalized for you.

Since Butter.ai lives in Slack, just like you and me, you can treat Butter.ai like a friendly co-worker who answers your plain English questions like:

  • Where’s the latest statement of work from acme corp in dropbox?
  • Where’s the blog post draft in Google Drive from last month?

You can even ask questions in #channels like:

  • Where are the interview notes for the interview with Jane?

Butter.ai will always respond privately to you before sharing anything in a #channel.

Too often, productivity tools introduce unintended and costly consequences for the workplace. In our research, we found that it doesn’t matter how big or small your company is. Two people doing the same job and, maybe even sitting right next to each other, are likely using two different sets of apps to do the same task, leaving them both with fragmented information that’s practically impossible to navigate. Attempts to standardize everyone on the same tool never works and, as companies grow, finding content gets more difficult.

Butter.ai helps companies embrace this new normal.

Butter.ai finds expert co-workers to help you

Sometimes, you might not have the latest version of a common document — like an updated budget or sales forecast. Instead of walking over to the finance department and waving your hands in the air to see who answers first, Butter.ai uses machine learning to understand who the experts are on your team and, if you want, it can pair you with someone who has the answer to your question.

Butter.ai provides smart, secure answers

Butter.ai is also HIPAA compliant, which means every interaction you have with Butter.ai is private and your data will always remain secure. When you ask Butter.ai a question, it examines only the data you have access to and responds with a private direct message. No one will see what you’re asking Butter.ai unless you choose to get matched with one of your teammates for a better answer. And your teammates never get access to your content unless you tell Butter.ai to share something.

What’s yours stays yours, and we’ve built the product from the ground up with your privacy as one of our core values.

Have some Butter.ai

Excited? Us too! Butter.ai allows you to be confident that you’re always getting the best answer without resorting to keywords or relying on silly naming conventions like V1, V2, V2.1, V2.1 FINAL, etc. This is the result of a long R&D process that had us build new technologies like an NLP model that understands work language, a machine-learning-based information retrieval system, an extensible system of connectors for your favorite work apps, and a whole lot more.

Butter.ai lets you and your team use the tools you love so you can all do your best work, together. It’s available as a free trial for a limited time. Try it today.

Butter.ai is a member of All Turtles, an AI startup studio.


Your team has Q’s, Butter.ai has A’s. Butter.ai is the smart, secure way for your teammates to search across work apps. That way, you’re not the only one with all the answers.

Jack Hirsch

Written by

CEO @ Butter.ai



Your team has Q’s, Butter.ai has A’s. Butter.ai is the smart, secure way for your teammates to search across work apps. That way, you’re not the only one with all the answers.

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