Fiat advert reproduced in the book ‘Colin Ward

Does anyone have information about this Fiat advert from the early nineteen-seventies? I found it reproduced in the extraordinary 1974 book Human Space Utopia (Penguin) by the great English anarchist writer Colin Ward (also author of the stone-cold classic The Child in the Cityand read Shumi Bose on that.)

The crisp Krone-esque copy and layout typical of the time is actually difficult unpick. It either conveys either a wilful disregard (“Our job is simply to sell what people buy




Essays and journal entries concerning technology and the city. Title lifted from Cedric Price’s “Technology is the answer. But what was the question?”

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Dan Hill

Dan Hill

Designer, urbanist, etc. Director of Melbourne School of Design. Previously, Swedish gov, Arup, UCL IIPP, Fabrica, Helsinki Design Lab, BBC etc

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