How to Promote Your Company Using Youtube Views

It is a widely known fact that Youtube is not only used for entertainment, but companies and businesses can use this strategy to expand their market as well. Either way, with Youtube, you are able to inform, advertise and even entertain.

15 tips to help you get real Youtube views.

Content. To get real Youtube views, good content goes a long way. This may depend on what your company is all about as you can employ different strategies, but if something would be better or easier on video, opt to use them. This is simply like free advertising, but it doesn’t mean everyone in your target audience will be able access it, so inform as much as you can about your company, but do not get carried away with it. Find a balance between using other content, such as facts, events features and interviews. Make sure they’d rather be off with seeing your video than not at all.

Appeal. You may have a target audience or market in mind, but if your goal is to buy real Youtube views, you may have to cater to a wider spectrum of viewers. Since there are a lot of videos they will stumble upon, make sure yours will stand out. Make it as catchy and short as possible, at the same time, get all the info in there. This is what makes up most of viral videos, and although that is not entirely the goal, make it worth watching. Don’t make introductions too long and plan the first few seconds in such a way that they won’t prefer the ‘close’ button. Sometimes, simplicity is key, so you won’t even have to invest in stellar video editing or special effects to get real Youtube views.

Entertainment. What’s amazing and challenging at the same time about social media is that work and play can go together. To a lot of Youtube users, the internet is a playground. Only when they intend to make money out of it do they realize it may actually mean business as well. Appeal to this intention of users by making content more enjoyable. If possible, don’t make it look as if you’re advertising at first. Remember how people are annoyed by commercials or how people would usually click ‘Skip Ad’ if the advertisement that comes with the Youtube video is not enticing enough? If your videos are enjoyable, you won’t even have to pay for Youtube views. They’ll come to you.

Consistency. Take note of quality and quantity. When it comes to your videos, try not to be like one-hit wonders. Thought you may have videos which exceed hits incomparably, try to post similar videos which people will enjoy. Even though you are trying to appeal to different audiences and incorporate various topics to expand your creativity, try to have a binding theme that can be seen in all your videos. When it comes to quantity, come up with a schedule regarding when to post your videos. Identify which times your videos will most likely be seen by subscribers.

Relevance. This goes both ways. Your videos should be relevant to latest events or trends. Youtube users are more likely to relate to your videos that way. On another note, make sure you are able to make your video relatable to your company. Though it may, at first, not be totally associated (for example, you could use dogs to appeal to people when in fact, your company is about cars) find ways to make the connection. You can always allot a few seconds to displaying your company name and logo, but since things like puppies, love, and food tickle a lot of people, it won’t hurt to put them in your videos once in a while.

Identity. Don’t lose track of why you created a Youtube channel. Though you want to advertise and entertain, you also want to establish your company. Maximize the features on your profile for this. Upload a profile photo which encapsulates your brand, use your header and background in such a way that screams your company. Set your best video on autoplay. This is the first thing they may see when they stumble upon your channel. Your videos may be enjoyable, but let them know there’s a company behind it.

Interaction. Since your Youtube channel operates like an extension of your website, use this chance to get in touch with your prospective clients. Interact with your viewers regularly. Answer their questions and address their concerns in the comments section. Encourage them to submit their works and have them featured in your next videos. Hold contests exclusively for your Youtube subscribers and require them to invite friends to view your videos and subscribe. This way, you won’t have to pay for Youtube views.

Action. When you have your viewers watching your videos, don’t just settle for that. If you want to buy real Youtube views, remind them to subscribe, like the video or comment to boost activity. You can input annotations at the end of or even in the middle of your videos to remind them. You can also suggest them to share your videos in different social media websites, to get maximum exposure. Ask questions at the end of your video to encourage them to comment. Tell them to like the video if they want to see more like those.

Collaboration. Youtube has made a lot of users famous just by posting videos. Celebrities have had their careers jumpstarted by Youtube, and a lot of people are still depending on Youtube for their income. Try to tap other companies or personalities on Youtube and see if they can feature your product or company on their channels. It would be beneficial if they support your company and prefer your products or services. You can also buy real Youtube views by opting to sponsor their videos and have you featured at the start or end of their videos.

Keywords. Establish which keywords you are going to use that best connects to your company. Have a list ready, but use them wisely. Include the best keywords for the title of your video. If the video features content which is not directly related to your company, you should still opt to put the keywords to let them know it is about your company (but even so, it must still worth watching). Come up with a catchy title, but make sure the video exceeds expectations. For the description, do not use them sparingly. Include as much keywords as you can. This goes for tags, as well.

Accessibility. Make sure that your video is accessible to everyone. For the basics, you can tweak the privacy settings and ensure your video is made public. Include your keywords in your video and channel tags so people can search for it. Decide on an appropriate category for your video. Upload multiple videos or consistently put something up from time to time depending on your schedule so your channel can be more visible to other users. Enable people to search for your channel through your email.

Analytics. You are able to view statistics for your videos and your channel. Find out what videos are viewed the most, when and where they are accessed the most, stats about comments, how long people are staying to watch through your videos, or how they came to access your video. You are able to view different statistical data with different charts. Use this to improve your videos and find out what makes your best videos attractive to viewers.

Expansion. We are pretty sure your company has other social media accounts, too. Use them to link to your Youtube videos. Post them on Facebook with a witty caption. Shorten the video link and maximize your 140 characters on Twitter. Put your Youtube channel name on the pictures you put on Instagram. Maximize other social media platforms so you don’t have to pay for Youtube views.

Destination. That being said, you can use your Youtube videos to link to your other social media pages and website. Youtube has made this easier for you through the ‘share’ button, which gives you access to different social media accounts. However, you can make it easier for them by reminding them or linking them to your website through annotations within your video or putting as much info about your company in the description.

Contact. Provide your contact information where you can. Use your description bar or include them at the end of the video along with the company name and logo. Most of all, do not forget to put this in your channel profile. You want to reach out to your viewers but you also want to give them a way to contact and locate you.

We hope these tips open your doors to more Youtube viewers. It may take time and patience, but if you follow these tips, you can not only provide entertainment for your viewers but also use Youtube to your company’s advantage.
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