How to Mine Bitcoins?

Bitcoin is the Decentralized Digital Currency where the transaction happens over the internet between two users without any interference of third-party applications or software. Bitcoin Mining is the way through which the new bitcoin is released. The basic thing to do Bitcoin Mining is a computer with Internet Access and a Bitcoin Mining Hardware. Here are the Important hardware and software used for Bitcoin Mining.

Bitcoin Mining with CPU

The Bitcoin Mining is done using the CPU through cpuminer which is a multi-threaded CPU Miner for Litecoin and Bitcoin. It can’t be done by our own, we must hook it up to some mining pool like bitminter which helps us to do gain bitcoin through mining. To get started, we must sign up to some mining pool and want to download the cpuminer. To do bitcoin mining we must have a faster ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) machine. ASIC is an Integrated Circuit customized for a particular use rather than general purpose use.

Bitcoin Mining with GPU

Due to the nature of the design GPU’s are much better than the CPU, when it comes to mining. More Mathematical computations were required for GPU Rendering and for what it is designed for. As Bitcoin Mining also requires Mathematical Computation, GPU works well for that. CPU also can generate the hashes but they are not effective than the GPU. GPU can be used to do repetitive tasks and as a group, it will be very effective.

Bitcoin Mining with FPGA

Open Source FPGA Bitcoin Miner is a miner that makes use of Comfortable FPGA board. It’s not compulsory to have a mining pool. It will work either in a mining pool or solo and also FPGA Bitcoin Miner is the first open source bitcoin miner. The software needs to do bitcoin mining with FPGA is Quartus II for Altera devices and Xilinx ISE Webpack for Xilinx devices.

Use of Ledger Waller

There are various ways of Bitcoin Mining. It can be done through CPU, GPU, FPGA or any other software. But at last, we must have something to Manage the account, store the bitcoin and to make safe payments. Buy Ledger Wallet, which is a Bitcoin Wallet which is very small in size and weight. Also, we can connect it directly to the system through the USB port. It is the simple way to secure your Bitcoin.