CRM Ain’t Enough In The Sales 2.0 World

Closing a deal isn’t mechanical. Software doesn’t make a sale. Sales reps need more than a one-size-fits-all way to manage a deal and wow a buyer. There needs to be a connection.

At BuyerDeck, we see it this way: a more transparent sales process drives better engagement with buyers and drives more deals. It’s startlingly simple, and it begins by creating a relationship between buyers and sellers — that is paramount.

I had the vision for BuyerDeck almost by accident. I was working on a huge enterprise deal at my former company. I was under a lot of pressure and I accidentally shared my notes on the deal with the prospect. I shared EVERYTHING — project summaries, events, finances, you name it. It was information we would never have shared. And when the prospect called me a few days later, I swallowed my pride and apologized. To my surprise, he thanked me for the notes and had even updated them from his side. My mistake is what closed the deal and opened up a new level of transparency and engagement between the buyer and I.

On the surface, BuyerDeck is a portal for sales reps to manage deals with buyers. It’s a tool to capture and share sales insights in an elegant way. Reps can get specific, sharing case studies, product info, timelines and milestones to give the buyer and themselves a complete snapshot of progress. And buyers can add their own insight throughout the process. It keeps everyone on the same page.

As a startup, we focus heavily on innovation. We have to balance high availability and innovation while creating a tool that connects buyers and sellers in real time and closes that feedback loop.

A product like ours demands infrastructure that is available and up — downtime is simply unacceptable. At the same time, we need to deploy updates seamlessly.

To do that, we leverage the Rackspace Cloud and ObjectRocket MongoDB. The easy interface helps us get up and running quickly. And since we had little experience with MongoDB when we started our business, we found ObjectRocket’s management of MongoDB to be a perfect solution.

For us, we can scale easily and focus on our innovation. We don’t have to have someone in-house dealing with infrastructure. Our business can scale at any point and we’re not in a position to have someone on our staff to worry about that.

When you’re a startup, you’re competing with major players and incumbents. They have vast pools of money and resources. We need to be able to focus 90 percent of our time on innovation. Having access to Rackspace gives us a platform on which we can compete. It’s up, it’s available and it’s reliable. It gives us access to the same resources that the big guys have and we can release into production three times a day seamlessly and with no downtime.

Why is that important? Imagine presenting a deal in front of the board of directors and your CRM system goes down. With Rackspace, we have confidence that that’s not going to happen. It gives us peace of mind, and having access to human beings to help us build our strategy from day one was a huge help.

With that initial advice and infrastructure guidance, we were free to innovate and build our product so we can better facilitate collaborative B2B sales.

This article originally appeared on Rackspace blog on January 13th, 2015

If you’re interested in learning more about how BuyerDeck can help speed up your complex deal cycles, visit us at and join the enterprise sales revolution for better buying experiences!

About the author

Gerald Vanderpuye, CEO and Cofounder BuyerDeck

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