How To Get Premium Prices And Repeat Sponsors With Your Email List

Tips On Maximizing Your Newsletter Placements

Nate Smoyer
Aug 29, 2016 · 4 min read

Stay Relevant With Your Advertisements

Knowing what your audience is looking for and then giving it to them is a surefire way to grow your newsletter subscription base. The same philosophy applies to the advertisements you’re delivering to your newsletter subscribers. Advertisements need to remain targeted towards your niche.

The take advantage of both a banner advertisement and a sponsored article in their newsletter, but in both cases the advertiser is aligned with MacRumors’ audience.

Label Your Sponsored Content

A simple text label isn’t enough to convince your readers that you’re not just out to monetize their eyeballs, but it’s a start. Your readers have come to trust you — don’t abandon that. They see you as an expert or leader in your industry and they’re interested in what you have to deliver. They trust everything you send them has been vetted, including the products you’re advertising. Don’t test that trust. Vet your advertisements, and make sure they’re clearly labeled as a paid placement. Don’t hide the text, or bury the facts in fine print. Let them know that what they’re about to click on is an advertisement. Pocket, everyone’s favorite save-it-for-later app, manages email sponsors like a champion. Notice the clear sponsorship indication both at the top and where the content lives. If you’re keeping score, that’s the double-rainbow of newsletter advertising. Always disclose.

Content Is Clearly Marked As “Sponsored”

Give Sponsors Great Placements

UX Booth Maximizes Its Header Space.
UX Booth Then Re-Engages Its Audience With A Sponsor Message Later In The Email.

Bonus Round: Relationships Come First

Here’s the thing, at the end of the day, your relationship with your subscribers needs to be your top priority. You may have bills to pay, but failing to respect the relationship with your readers is a guaranteed recipe for growth collapse.


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