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Letter sent on Aug 15, 2016

Podcasts Are A Glowing Endorsement Of The Power Of Modern Advertising.

Some Thoughts (And Links) Just For You, Our Followers.

It’s such an exciting time for podcasting. After a decade of being brushed-off, the industry is undergoing a fantastic renaissance and a well-deserved embrace from marketers and advertisers who have finally (long-overdue) recognized the value of their audiences.

If there was ever a case for native forms of advertising and the power of contextual offerings, podcasting is an ideal case study. Some recent articles have focused on new startups looking to tackle podcast advertising, and a couple more have explored the importance of context in advertising.

At a time when media companies are struggling to maintain advertising revenue, podcasts are exploding with potential.

Today, owning the context is the only way companies can survive in an ad-based world. Media, and publishers on the open web, don’t have to be left behind, they can embrace contextual advertisements, and they can recapture ad revenues currently being shipped to platforms like Snapchat and Facebook.

Own your context, own your future. As an industry, we’re a lot closer to realizing that goal than we were last year.

Exciting times are right ahead.

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Trending Ad Tech Articles, Or Other Interesting Reads:

Our team at BuySellAds spends a lot of time tracking the news across dozens of industry publications. We usually drop them in a private Slack room, but why would we let those articles go to waste when we can share them directly with you instead!?!?

Here are some of our favorites making the round around the BuySellAds digital office:

  1. Scrolling In The Deep: Chartbeat takes a look at reader tendencies when scrolling a web page. Apparently article footer are the new headers.
  2. If It Weren’t For Retargeting, We Might Not Have Ad Blocking: Doc Searls provides an excellent example of how advertising irrationally relies on retargeting customers.
  3. A Tech Mogul’s Fight to Keep Control of a Newspaper Empire: An intriguing feature on Tronc’s (previously Tribune Publishing) Michael W. Ferro Jr.

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