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Giveaway Christmas gift free Bitcoins to your friends and family

Become a Secret Santa and Giveaway Christmas Gift Free Bitcoins

Christmas offers free bitcoin in India.

Santa has completed his Quarantine for Christmas and invited applications for Secret Santa at BuyUcoin. Spread the Word, by sharing your referral code and giveaway Christmas gift free Bitcoins to your friends and family, after all, Christmas is about sharing love and Bitcoins.

Santa is distributing Christmas gift 1 BTC to all our Secret Santas (you, of course) and their elves (your friends and family) this Christmas during the Covid19 to make the community even stronger.

This year is unlike others, we have seen distress worldwide due to the pandemic, and even Santa had to spend a week at BuyUcoin exchange suite. He suggested it is time to give back to the wonderful community that has shown great efforts earlier and motivated us to work even harder.

Bitcoin has taken the spotlight and doing the honors bringing the ALTs to the moon as well.

What is Secret Santa? Rules to play Secret Santa Christmas Gift Free Bitcoins Giveaway

One of the more popular holiday games, Secret Santa (also known as Kris Kringle in some circles) is a fun and easy way for a group of friends, family members, or co-workers to exchange gifts. A Secret Santa gift exchange can take place at a party or with participants all over the world!

The rules are simple –

  • Join and invite your friends.
  • Share this blog & post a story on social media tagging @BuyUcoin and at least 3 friends or Crypto Channels your followers on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram with hashtag #buyucoinxmasbtc
  • and share your unique Christmas Gift Free Bitcoins Giveaway coupon code “XMASBTC12345678” explained below ;

To get your unique Christmas coupon code

Step 1 — Login to BuyUcoin Exchange

Step 2- Check your 8 Digit Referral ID from BuyUcoin Affiliate Dashboard

Step 3 — Add it after the Campaign code “XMASBTC

Step 4 — Your unique Referral code is now “XMASBTC12345678

Share your unique referral code and add it after the coupon code.

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The Secret Santa Christmas Gift free bitcoins Rewards –

  • 1 BTC is divided into Rs 100 worth giveaway in form of BTC, ETH, and LINK Tokens per elf joining the BuyUcoin program.
  • You Get referral bonus commission from the elves trading in the motion, and they get Rs 100 worth of Crypto, Cashbacks on Trading, and a chance to play Secret Santa
  • Cashbacks are given to both Santa and Elves Trading Bitcoin this Christmas Season till
  • 3rd Jan 2021 and one lucky Santa every day will get up to 100% cashback on Trading Bitcoins.

So what are you waiting for?

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BuyUcoin provide a simple and secure online platform to trade multiple cryptocurrencies and blockchain based digital assets.

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