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How to Save up to 30% Crypto Trading Fees in BuyUcoin?

BuyUcoin charges withdrawal fees, like most exchanges. However, you can avoid withdrawal fees with a clever trick. BuyUcoin is the most popular crypto-monetary exchange in India, as it is also one of the few exchanges that allow Indian citizens to exchange directly with fiat crypto-currencies.

Only BuyUcoin giving reduced up to 30% on all crypto trading fees in India.

Many use BuyUcoin not only to purchase cryptocurrencies but also to store their cryptocurrencies. Thus can withdrawal charges certainly add up with frequent use of the Exchange. Some top tips can help you to avoid extra fees.

In order to trade without charges, you need to use a method, which might mean choosing a promotional exchange. They will probably not also provide a means of depositing fiat promotion a while back and they offer fiat trading and deposits. But if you have to buy crypt to trade with zero costs, something like this is going to be done.

Step — 1: Visit and open your free crypto wallet BuyUcoin Account.

Step — 2: Visit the BuyUcoin Exchange menu in your crypto wallet to find BUC token or Choose from below:

Step — 3: Buy a BUC token in India using INR & USDT.

Step — 4: Go To Profile and Click on Settings

Step — 5: Enable Fees Deduct Option to Avail BUC 30% Off Offer

Step — 6: Go to Classic Market and Trade Cryptocurrencies with Reduced Fees.

For Example: If you are trading Ripple (XRP) on BuyUcoin.
Below the Steps on how you can reduce Ripple (XRP) Crypto Trading fees up to 30%.

Step — 1: Check Price Difference, “Reduced Fees of 0.15% using BUC” (Inclusive GST)

Step — 2: Enjoy Trading with an Extra 30% Discount.

Offer Limited for First 100 Users! Who says no to discounts? Grab your BUC tokens now with an assured discount of up to 30% in trading with Classic Market Buy/Sell Option.

Watch the step-by-step youtube video for more understanding.

More Exciting Saving tips for Crypto Trading fees on BuyUcoin

  1. Use a bank deposit to fund a BuyUcoin account. You can follow the instructions below to register in BuyUcoin and deposit funds. In order to avoid fees, we do not charge you for using your bank account for the financing of your account with dollars or rupees.
  2. Transfer to BuyUcoin wallet.
  3. Purchase Dai, BTC, ETH, LTC, Dogecoin (DOGE), or another exchange coin for the use of BuyUcoin Wallet (it is cheaper than using BuyUcoin directly).
  4. Transfer to the new exchange the coin you purchased.
  5. Optional: Buy a coin for lower margin and withdrawal fees from this exchange (BUC on BuyUcoin does this for example).
  6. Free trade on the new trade (typically for the duration of the promotion).
  7. Return to coin trading at BuyUcoin for dollar trading.
  8. You will pay for your initial business via BuyUcoin Wallet and your fees for the sending of cryptography between exchanges, but zero fees will be paid otherwise.
  9. Take your USDT or INR to BuyUcoin.
  10. To buy BUC or other cryptos from BuyUcoin, use USDT or INR. You can get a discount on fees by using these tokens to pay fees.
  11. Go to the settings of your account and switch to the exchange token to pay discounted fees.
  12. You pay 0.1% less a discount for BUC to reduce your fees to less than 0.1% by using limit commands and market orders.
  13. Return to USDT and return to BuyUcoin for USDT replacement in dollars.

How to reduce Crypto trading charges?

One possible way of reducing trading charges is obviously to increase your monthly volume by working towards a higher level. For example, in a month where the fees for makers and borrowers are traded at more than USD $10,000, they decrease to 0.35%, which means a 15% reduction in trade fees.

BuyUcoin can have very low withdrawal fees. By withdrawing coins from the BuyUcoin platform, BuyUcoin charges users a fee based on their network transaction fee estimate. BuyUcoin has said the fee payable by users may differ from the estimate in some circumstances.

How to avoid extra charges during trading?

However, BuyUcoin withdrawal fees can be avoided in the EZ platform with 0 transaction fees. They are not liable to transfer cryptocurrency from one BuyUcoin wallet to another, according to BuyUcoin.

As BuyUcoin Wallet is owned by the same company, it would be immediate and free to send funds from BuyUcoin to BuyUcoin Wallet, as this is a transfer from one wallet to another.

It is important here that BuyUcoin does not charge any cancellation charges. You can send your cryptocurrencies from BuyUcoin Wallet to other pockets without paying the network transfer charges outside the BuyUcoin platform.



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