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Most Secured Cryptocurrency Exchange in India — BuyUcoin

In recent years, the emergence of cryptocurrency exchanges are revolutionary with the immense popularity of cryptocurrency, introduced predominantly by Bitcoin, has risen to enormous prominence following a corresponding pattern of the growth of many other network sites and their respective cryptocurrencies.

Most secured crypto exchange in India

Cryptocurrency technology combined with highly compatible blockchain technology allows financial transfers and exchange between investors and firms, allowing money trading quicker and safer. Cryptocurrency exchanges are a fully decentralized online network that guarantees private data and accounts are kept separately by a third entity without intervention.

What is a Cryptocurrency exchange?

The user may buy, sell or trade cryptocurrencies by a cryptocurrency exchange. Many who want the protection of their crypto holdings and exchange rates will access the exchanges that provide fantastic features, such as user-friendly and security.

You need to search for certain simple features such as transaction costs, privacy, supportive exchange credibility, etc. before choosing a cryptocurrency exchange.

Crypto market is trending in 2021

Sometimes, there were unpredictable cryptocurrency prices, with parabolic highs and equal declines. In Bitcoin, the top charts of crypto-currency exchanges have already been dominating.

Nevertheless, these Bitcoin lending services have taken a huge grip of this year’s crowd, with the top three corporations experiencing an overall surge in their shares of as much as 734%. Camilla Churcher, the Bitcoin global head of corporate growth Celsius Network said the demand on the whole crypto market had grown massively.

She added that the increase was equally exponential on the systemic side and that a significant volume of crypto traffic was seen more than ever before two weeks ago. In addition, the number of corporate clients has grown and there are increasing numbers of them on the network.

The Cryptocurrency exchange in India

Since the Supreme Court decision was rendered to help cryptocurrency, India saw a spike in investor and buyer interest in cryptocurrency markets. The Investors had agreed to try their luck.

This boom brought not only many international exchanges in cryptocurrencies into India, but also led to several domestic trading sites for cryptocurrency and trade markets for people all around the world as well.

A curated list for the features of the best and most secured cryptocurrency exchange in India is given below:

  1. KYC
    The KYC procedure lets financial institutions (FIs), including banks and cryptocurrency exchanges, mitigate the risk of misuse of financial activity, money-laundering, or terrorist funds inadvertently or unintentionally. It also facilitates improved coordination between the FI and its investors, helps to control expectations, and recognizes the best potential investment opportunities.
    A financial institution (FI) must look at two elements before carrying out a KYC review before conducting business with a potential client. They are:
    Facts: FI is trying to find out what they know about the client and the information is given. It is reliable and it is suitable when compared to their whole customer base to establish predicted behavior parameters?Behaviors: Once the authenticity of KYC facts has been checked, FI will soon be able to reflect on the client’s conduct, to see if their transactions are consistent with the legislation and correspond to previously defined facts. If their conduct is not as planned, then the “facts” were misrepresented or unusual behaviors arise that should be further researched and possibly brought to the attention of authorities.

KYC in BuyUcoin

Strong AML-KYC policy in buyucoin.

KYC BuyUcoin checking is very easy to do. Now that Buyucoin launches this with new functionality in web 3.0, you won’t have to wait two to four hours, as the KYC is reviewed immediately.

2. 2FA Security
If you want to keep your crypto assets safe, even though the capital is just temporarily there, 2FA is very mandatory. Two-factor authentication is a way to keep the crypto secure online (2FA).
Safety in online wallet storage of crypto-monetary items is of paramount importance and 2FA offers extra security in addition to a powerful password. The cryptocurrency group supports right encryption solutions and 2FA authentication is one important aspect that beginners should understand first and foremost.

2FA Security in BuyUcoin

Google 2fa security features in BuyUcoin.

BuyUcoin priorities are clear at the end of the day: safety and security.yoBuyUcoin User Passwords and a salting algorithm ensures that we can’t even log like you as your account is encrypted and secured. The AES-256 coded and secured requests are all authenticated by CSRF Token for fraud checking applications.
BuyUcoin’s data recovery, decryption and transmission system resides in a distinct hosting facility and does not share any BuyUcoin key services credentials (exchange, wallet, etc.).

3. Email PIN
The Email PIN improves your account’s protection by verifying your identity.
You will have to enter the Email PIN when you transfer crypto-assets (virtual currency) to an external address by using an exchange when you change your authentication setups with two factors or if you set up the two-digit authentication (including when you have not set a 2-factor authentications).

Email PIN changed every Hour in BuyUcoin

BuyUcoin send your trading pin on email for more security.

The Email PIN that you receive on your mail is not static as it gets changed within 1 hour to ensure high-end safety for your account login credentials with BuyUcoin crypto exchange.

4. Cold Coin Storage
In certain instances, cold storage is considered much protected than a normal wallet. It requires the offline holding of cryptocurrencies — that is, completely independent of all internet access. Maintaining Cryptocurrencies offline lowers the possibility of hackers significantly.
If the wallet itself is not online, you need not fear that a hacker will obtain digital access to a wallet The idea of a deep cold storage service has also gained popularity over the past few years, in addition to those cold storage approaches.
This service is offered by a provider to defend against fraud or destruction of cryptocurrencies. This helps to discourage those who wish to use the service anonymously.

Offline cold storage in BuyUcoin

95% of your total crypto funds safe in buyucoin cold storage.

Offline cold storage is the most common and standard security system against theft or failure of cryptocurrency trading. BuyUcoin uses geographical locations to deliver cryptocurrencies for secured vaults.
The cold storage wallets are stored in anonymous variations of latitudes and distances at geographically remote sites. For offline cold storage funds, some members of our Board of Directors and Executive Decision need manual involvement.

6. Customer service
Investors who are hungry for digital exposure will choose from a number of crypto-exchanges, with competition only growing as new customers and institutions enter the market. The competitive advantage will be provided by platforms which provide the essential aspects of customer service — such as usability, availability and clarity while managing the delicate art of scaling in a fast-paced, unfamiliar crypto-currency zone.

24/7 Chat and Email Support in BuyUcoin

BuyUcoin Provide 24/7 customer services on ticket, mail, whatsapp, and telegram group.

BuyUcoin has a handful of full-time, devoted customer involvement professionals who are aware of and trained with cryptocurrencies and financial services. This team is very strategic with a wide variety of fluency in many languages, and are ready to adapt easily to customized ideas and works on major vacations any day of the year. We deliver an exceptional degree of service in our industry.

7. Bio Verification
Biometrics uses documents and facial recognition to match an official government identification profile to each person. Customers who sign up for a new account will take a selfie only, and others who work in a higher trading bracket will take a selfie video to detect their liveliness.

Coming Soon in BuyUcoin

BuyUcoin is updating its security system very soon, and BIO verification coming as soon as possible.

Our idea of a better and more trustworthy crypto marketplace is sponsored by the adoption of Biometrics very soon. We are proud to deliver a quick, robust experience and look forward to helping investors to enter new markets and use cases.

8. Easy to Buy Cryptocurrency In India

Easily you can buy bitcoin in India, with more than 60+ Cryptocurrency at one place which is buyucoin.

Why BuyUcoin is the most secured Cryptocurrency exchange in India?

BuyUCoin was founded and created in June 2016. It is the brainchild of Atulya Bhatt, Shivam Thakral, and Devesh Aggarwal. The platform rapidly became an industry pioneer on the domestic markets and eventually amassed an immense collection of investors and enthusiasts for cryptocurrencies.

The platform was one of the first cryptographic exchanges that adopted the model of peer to peer trading and give its users the option to trade with numerous cryptocurrencies. The platform is primarily developed to make the idea of crypto trading easy for both novice buyers and interested users.

BuyUCoin imposes a 0% fee for its OTC desk while the exchange costs differ with respect to the trading cryptocurrency. Another remarkable aspect of the platform is that the INR withdrawal from the user’s wallets would not charge any money. The network has since its launch charged $50 million USD and facilitates the integration of more than 60+ cryptocurrencies into the platform.



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