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Need to Know all about Crypto week 2021 — BuyUcoin

Crypto Week 2021 is India’s first crypto and blockchain-based event, organized by BuyUcoin. This #cryptoweek events will provide you with a wealth of knowledge that will benefit both your present and future. With Crypto Week Events, you may virtually meet individuals from a variety of sectors. There are more reasons why you should participate in Crypto Week 2021.
So let’s go through it in depth.

What is #CryptoWeek ?

A Crypto week is an educational event, where industries presenting lot of thing in #AMA & #Webinar.

A Crypto week is an educational event where new startup companies share their journey, traders share their trading strategies, and various industries will share their products and ideas with the 1Million+ strong Indian crypto community and thousands of stakeholders in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Also in this crypto week talk show we would talk about how Blockchain is rapidly becoming a legitimate disruptor in a wide range of sectors. Furthermore, more than 90% of European and US banks are investigating blockchain as a service options. Among hundreds of other sectors, the innovation has the capacity to change governance, banking, insurance, and personal identity security.

BuyUcoin going to complete 5 years of journey as a cryptocurrency exchange, and to celebrate it, we are trying to educate the whole Indian industry about Crypto Startups like us with Indian Crypto Week and Crypto traders Journeys through BuyUcoin Channels.

  • Startups to educate the audience about their company & hardships.
  • Traders to educate about their investment strategies or motivation into investment in cryptocurrencies
  • All to be shared with the whole Indian Community using multiple channels.

Join India’s First Crypto and Blockchain Festival with internationally recognised startups, entrepreneurs, investors, technocrats, artists, educators, legal and finance experts.

Key elements of the crypto week

  • Chance of winning 2K to 20K INR winning amount in Webinar, AMA and User Journey.
  • By Participating in Webinars and AMA’s you will get a great insight into Cryptocurrency where trending topics about the Indian Crypto industry will be discussed.
  • Chance of winning 7.5K to 50K INR winning amount in Trading Competition.
  • Lots and lots of Gift Hampers and Coupons will be awarded to the participants so stay tuned!

Types of events covered in this crypto week

The Indian crypto week will be from 15/07/2021 to 22/07/2021. There will multiple events in this week

The brief Time Table of the crypto week is as follows:-

1. 15th July | YouTube Premier with Sponsor Partners

2. 16th July | Webinar | AMA | Trading Competition | User Journeys

3. 17th July | Webinar | AMA | Trading Competition | User Journeys

4. 18th July | Webinar | AMA | Trading Competition | User Journeys

5. 20th July | Webinar | AMA | Trading Competition | User Journeys

6. 21st July | Webinar | AMA | Trading Competition | User Journeys

7. 22nd July | Webinar | AMA | Trading Competition | User Journey

What will you get from this crypto week 2021?

  1. Great insights into the Crypto world
  2. Will come to know about trader’s story
  3. Will get an opportunity to interact with other traders
  4. Participate in a trading competition.

Stay tuned for state of the art live webinars, tech-expo, innovation showcase, investment opportunities, inspiring stories along with complementary unlimited coupons, offers and discounts for Indian crypto users.

Join this #AMA & Webinar HERE



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