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TomoChain Live on BuyUcoin to buy/sell and trade TOMO-USDT pair directly

Good news for all Indian traders: New in crypto TOMO-USDT pair live on BuyUcoin, Now start to buy/sell and trade directly TomoChain with USDT.

We at BuyUcoin are very pleased to announce that we have partnered with TomoChain to facilitate the direct trading of TOMO-USDT in India. This initiative has been taken up by BuyCoin in order to fulfill the demands for trading in altcoins (that are other cryptocurrencies than bitcoin) in India for a diverse experience.

TOMO-USDT pair live on buyucoin, start trading now.

Although TOMO is not new crypto in India, the immense reputation of BuyUcoin as a secured and authentic cryptocurrency exchange platform will add up to the demand of this newly listed cryptocurrency. The procedures however remain simple and user-friendly for a smoother experience.

Check Step By Step Guide on TOMO USDT Trading:

Start trading TOMO with USDT in India today.

Each functionality is managed and protected by the TomoChain blockchain using auditable smart contracts. The P2P lending company utilizes a special and common spot trading order book method to offer 1, 7, 30, and 90-day, fixed-term USDT loans focused on the interest rate and location. Borrowers will also flexibly repay their deposits, like BTC, ETH & TOMO, with a variety of collaterals. — said- Long Vuong, CEO of TomoChain

We believe in Tomochain’s platform that allows Indian users to get fast and secure trading experience with their advantage of 150 masternodes with Proof-of-Stake Voting, or PoSV, consensus, supporting EVM-compatible smart contracts, protocols, and atomic cross-chain token transfers. Not only that it will be a great addition to the Indian crypto market which is on the growth and has no problems in maintaining liquidity or volume for Tomochain so we are happy to team up with Tomochain in bringing it to the Indian users. Said BuyUcoin.

How mostly Indian Startups investing in Blockchain Technology development? Listen beneficial Discussion BuyUcoin with TomoChain.

Kyn Chaturvedi from TomoChain and Samaksh Wangnoo from BuyUcoin gave insight on the respective platforms and discussed the Indian crypto market current state and what future holds for it. To know more about watch the video below:

BuyUcoin TomoChain Discussion on industry opportunities.

A trip to the mechanism of TOMO and its features:-

TomoChain is an organization heavily focussed on projects related to blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, ensuring efficiency and high-performance. Products by TomoChain provide all the desired features in blockchain technology such as data privacy, security, and efficiency; all at one platform. In a relatively short span of time, TomoChain has carved a name in the industry for itself owing to the unique and appreciable qualities it possesses. It has a huge client base with some very big names on the list. Some of the notable features provided by TomoChain are-

  1. Enhanced security features
  2. Privacy protocols
  3. Instant execution
  4. Developer friendly platform
  5. Liberty to pay by the means of any currency

Features of TOMO-USDT

  • Dynamic block size
  • Facilitating Smart Contracts
  • Instant confirmation blockchain (maximum 2 seconds of execution time)
  • Decentralized wallet with proper security measures in place
  • High-speed transactions which can facilitate billions of transactions per day.
  • Nearly free transaction cost which makes this economically feasible
  • Zero charges for atomic cross-change transactions.

About BuyUcoin- The Indian Bitcoin and 40+ crypto exchange

BuyUcoin is one of the global leaders when it comes to the listing of cryptocurrency exchange platforms. Established in 2016 and headquartered in Delhi, it has made a name for itself in this short amount of time.

BuyUcoin is currently serving a base of more than 350,000 customers and manages transactions of a value that is more than $160M in digital currencies. This huge base of customers year for the great experience provided by BuyUcoin.

BuyUcoin facilitates the trading of multiple digital currencies including but not limited to Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Stellar, and Litecoin. Alongside, users can execute the transaction by any mode of payment such as UPI, net banking, mobile wallets, etc.

With a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals, BuyUcoin deploys the modern technological advancements to be at par with the expectations of its customers. BuyUcoin also ensures compliance with the proper regulatory mechanisms such as KYC and AML in accordance with the clause of transparency.

Top features of BuyUcoin cryptocurrency exchange

  1. Customer-friendly platform
  2. Completely transparent process
  3. Faster registration and verification process
  4. One-shot platform to trade in more than 40 digital currencies in INR and USD
  5. Instant response by the customer care team
  6. Economically feasible rates
  7. Multiple payment options and gateways for easing up the trading process

How to trade TOMO-USDT in India

Having mentioned about the partnership of TomoChain and BuyUcoin, you can directly trade in TOMO through the platform of BuyUcoin. Following the easy procedure to get registered and opening the account, you can start buying and selling TOMO.

To know more about the process of creating an account with BuyUcoin or trading price of TOMO, visit the website below-



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