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Top 10 cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin will Explode in 2023

Complete list of top 10 cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin to invest in for 2023. As of know this is the best time to invest in cryptocurrency because of bear market going on and this article will help you to take right decision to start investing in crypto other than bitcoin with just rupees 100.

Since there is a proliferation of hundreds of cryptocurrencies, crypto investors are very interested in the unpredictable cryptocurrency market. Cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity due to their ability to provide smooth transaction payments in a very short amount of time.

With a CAGR of 7.1 per cent, the worldwide cryptocurrency industry is expected to reach US$2.2 billion in 2026. Aside from Bitcoin, the biggest cryptocurrency in the global cryptocurrency market, there are other cryptos that look promising.

What is Cryptocurrency?

A cryptocurrency is encrypted digital or virtual money, making counterfeiting or double-spending nearly impossible. Many cryptocurrencies are founded on blockchain technology, which is a distributed ledger enforced by a network of computers.

Cryptocurrencies are differentiated by the fact that they are not normally issued by a central authority, making them theoretically immune to government influence or manipulation.

10 Cryptocurrency Other Than Bitcoin To Invest In 2022/23

Except for Bitcoin, crypto investors could hunt for other top 10 cryptocurrencies with more potential in 2023 to generate profit in crypto wallets at some point throughout the investment.

  1. Invest in Ethereum(ETH) 2022/23
    Current price: $1,595.24 (Price till writing article)
    Market Cap: $195,020,286,283
    Market Cap Rank: #2
    Ethereum, the second most popular cryptocurrency, is a hazardous foray into the cryptocurrency industry via a number of smart applications. It is the world’s first programmable blockchain, built on the ingenuity of Bitcoin. Ethereum 2.0 is poised to address all of Ethereum’s problems in order to deliver smooth services to crypto investors and boost profit in crypto wallets.
  2. Invest in Solana(SOL) 2022/23
    Current Price: $31.85
    Market cap: $11,138,570,431
    Market Cap Rank: #9
    Solana is a prominent cryptocurrency that facilitates the interoperability of ecosystem projects in order to maintain a single global statistic. The greatest teams employ it since this coin has the ability to change the cryptocurrency industry. It is an open-source protocol with block times of 400 milliseconds.
  3. Invest in Cardano(ADA)/23
    Current price: $0.4917
    Market cap: $16,739,663,168
    Market Cap Rank: #7
    As a proof-of-stake blockchain platform, Cardano is one of Ethereum’s and Bitcoin’s main competitors in this extremely volatile cryptocurrency industry. This cryptocurrency combines cutting-edge technology to provide DApps with exceptional security and sustainability. The token is intended to allow crypto investors to participate in network operations. this will give huge impact on Cardano Price in India and you can easily buy cardano with Indian rupees just 100 INR.
  4. Invest in Binance Coin (BNB) in 2022/23
    Current price: $275.07
    Market cap: $44,379,166,040
    Market Cap Rank: #5
    Binance Coin is a token that is part of the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency exchange, and it has a rising population. Other than Bitcoin, this promising cryptocurrency can be exchanged and used on exchange platforms easily and effectively. Binance is gaining popularity due to its ability to provide a secure and competitive market for frictionless transactions.
  5. Invest in Shiba INU (SHIB) 2023
    Current price: $0.00001273
    Market cap: $7,002,186,139
    Market Cap Rank: #13
    Shiba Inu is the list’s final entry. With an 800% price increase in the last month, this meme-based cryptocurrency has surpassed its long-standing rival dogecoin. Although market experts are unsure about its fluctuations because SHIB was launched in 2020, its market performance has outperformed many top cryptocurrencies.
    Read more about here:- 10 factors to increase shiba inu price in near future
  6. Invest in Dogecoin (DOGE) 2023
    Current price: $0.06317
    Market cap: US$8.3 billion
    Market Cap Rank: #11
    After trading in the red in the crypto space, the price of Dogecoin has increased and may more than double by the end of 2022, according to analysts’ long-term price forecast. Dogecoin, the original and most popular meme token, is dominating the cryptocurrency market. DOGE has increased by 0.5% in the last 24 hours. DOGE is currently trading at $0.063 as of article written time. In terms of market capitalization, Dogecoin is currently the world’s tenth largest cryptocurrency. Its market capitalization is $8.3 billion, down 2% from its all-time high of $73.8 on May 8, 2021.
  7. XRP
    Current price: $0.3354
    Market cap: $16.65 billion
    Market Cap Rank: #8
    Other than Bitcoin, XRP is one of the top cryptocurrencies for helping crypto investors earn. It is a digital asset designed for payments that may be transmitted directly without the need for a central authority. It serves as the most dependable cryptocurrency, with the ability to source liquidity on demand.
  8. Invest in Terra Classic 2023
    Current price: $0.000401
    Market cap: $2,475,990,892
    Market Cap Rank: #205
    The price of Terra Luna Classic, a rebranded version of the original Terra Luna chain, has risen by approximately 65% in the last 24 hours. On Tuesday, the token outperformed the entire crypto market, as well as market leaders such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Its weekly increase has now reached the triple digits in percentage terms. Meanwhile, the new Terra chain’s Terra Luna branch grew by more than 16%. Terra Luna Classic is currently one of the most popular trending cryptocurrencies in the cryptocurrency market.
    Let us first examine what happened to the Terra Luna Chain, which gave birth to Terra Luna Classic — the star of the previous 24-hour crypto market.
  9. Invest in Avalanche(AVAX) 2023
    Current price: $20.19
    Market cap: $5,946,905,986
    Market Cap Rank: #15
    Avalanche is a prominent cryptocurrency that is gaining traction as the coin with the most potential in 2023 and beyond. It contributes to the creation of a single global financial market in order to exchange digital money in a smooth manner. This promising cryptocurrency is noted for its proof-of-stake consensus method, which allows for the development of DApps to improve the platform
    Its interoperability with numerous blockchains is limitless. Avalanche blockchains use different consensus algorithms depending on the use case, and the network has more validators than other networks. It is one of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in before 2023 to make money..
  10. Invest in Polygon(MATIC) 2023
    Current price: $0.896
    Market cap: $7,812,046,187
    Market Cap Rank: #12
    On Wednesday, Robinhood announced that it had added support for MATIC deposits and withdrawals on the Polygon network. This addition supplements the Ethereum network, which is already supported. Clients will now be able to send and receive MATIC using the Polygon blockchain.
    MATIC Price has risen by more than 9% since the announcement. The news came at a time when the asset was recovering from a drop to $0.78 on Tuesday. The announcement fueled an already well-established rally from MATIC. At the time of writing, MATIC was trading at $0.89, up 6.51% in the previous 24 hours.

Bottom Line

If you’re new to the world of cryptocurrency, there are hundreds of different cryptocurrencies to choose from, ranging from Bitcoin and Ethereum to Dogecoin and Tether. To help you get started, buyUcoin will help you understand these are the top ten cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalisation or the total value of all coins currently in circulation.

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