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Why 2021 is the best time to Invest in DODO?

Is DODO a good investment?

DODO, yet another revolutionary creation in the world of cryptocurrency, is highly volatile. It is pretty easy to predict the future price of DODO, provided you use the accurate technical method while analyzing it. Officially launched in August 2020 by Diane Dai and Radar Bear, DODO has been ranked as one of the most competitive liquidity providers with low transaction fees. Let’s move on to some basic queries revolving around DODO.

Invest In DODO

What is DODO? Brief Summary

DODO is a DeFi protocol and on-chain liquidity provider with a unique proactive market maker (PMM) algorithm that seeks to provide better liquidity and price stability than automated market makers (AMM).

The PMM pricing method, which is modeled after human trading, employs oracles to acquire very precise market prices for assets. It then provides adequate liquidity near these prices to stabilize liquidity providers’ (LP) portfolios, reduce price slippage, and eliminate temporary loss by permitting arbitrage trading as a reward.

DODO also provides new crypto ventures with a free ICO listing through its Initial DODO Offering (IDO), which needs issuers to just deposit a small amount of money. DODO also offers free ICO listings to new crypto ventures through its Initial DODO Offering (IDO), which requires issuers to only deposit their own tokens.

DODO’s smart contract operates on the Ethereum network as an ERC20 token.

DODO’s Establishment & Foundations

Dodo was founded in August 2020 by Diane Dai, Radar Bear, and an unnamed development team. It received a $600,000 seed investment headed by Framework Ventures.

In September 2020, the team announced that it has successfully completed a $5 million private sale financing round headed by Pantera Capital, Binance Labs, and Three Arrows Capital.

Several additional significant venture capital firms, cryptocurrency exchanges, and trading organizations, including Coinbase Ventures, Galaxy Digital, CMS Holdings, and Alameda Research, participated in the private sale round.

Best time to invest in DODO?

The DODO token has a total supply of one billion (1,000,000,000). Currently, 12 million coins are in circulation. The complete quantity of DODO will be distributed as follows:

DODO Tokenomics

  • 15% for the core team/future hires/advisers
  • Investors receive a 16 percent return.
  • 1% for first liquidity provision (IDO)
  • 8% for operations/marketing/partnerships
  • 60% goes to community incentives.

DODO recently launched on Polygon in a major step toward the multi-chain future

An interview with 0x API integrator DODO, a decentralized exchange and liquidity provider for everyone on the blockchain.

As a result, our devs have a lot of work already done for them and are able to direct more of their efforts to developing what makes DODO unique.

Always begin the price of DODO by referring to the previous price history. Begin with identifying the horizontal support and levels of resistance. You may also calculate the monthly averages. Using indicators to comprehend the strength and weaknesses of the market will help you determine the future price of DODO in India. The best platforms that help you analyze the DODO value in the coming days using pictorial charts are TradingView in association with Binance, FTX, and others.

Start Investing in DODO

To start investing in DODO and other cryptocurrencies, you must first create an account with a cryptocurrency exchange that allows you to buy DODO in India, sell, trade, and store. A cryptocurrency exchange broker is a website that allows you to trade DODO in India and other cryptocurrencies. If you want to buy DODO in India and get the best DODO price in India quickly and effortlessly BuyUcoin Exchange! is one for you. You can even invest in DODO using your MasterCard, Credit Card, UPI, or NEFT.

Is DODO a good investment in 2021?

Before investing in DODO, it is prudent to consider both the returns and risks associated with it. Investing in DODO is a good decision since there is a higher inclination to increase value in the coming years. However, before investing in DODO, seek advice or consult with a financial expert to know if it’s entirely safe to spare your fortune at that moment.

DODO to Issue Vesting Voucher on Solv Protocol — DODO Breeder

DODO provides sufficient liquidity equivalent to centralized exchanges (CEX) for traders, which may be used natively by smart contracts for on-chain operations such as liquidation and auctions. Arbitrageurs can potentially profit from price differentials between DODO and other exchanges.

Liquidity providers are not required to make a minimum deposit and are not limited in the assets they offer. As a reward, LPs can design their own trading pairs, deposit their own tokens to mitigate price risk and get a percentage of DODO transaction fees. DODO also draws new cryptocurrency initiatives by offering them a free listing as an Initial DODO Offering (IDO).

DODO does not require quote tokens, and IDO projects just need to deposit their own tokens to the liquidity pool, after which the PMM produces its own ask-side depth. To begin an IDO, a project just needs to set the Oracle pricing to a constant. Depositing additional quotation tokens improves liquidity.

Why invest in DODO?

DODO is a decentralized protocol, hence it is immune to centralized network assaults that rely on a single point of failure. On July 10, 2020, PeckShield, a blockchain security business, evaluated DODO’s smart contracts. Its audit report on DODO is available here.

It just reached an all-time high of $1 before plummeting to the $.50 cent range. DODO’s native token DODO is now rated 37th in the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector, with a total valuation of $59.1 million, according to DeFi Pulse data.

DODO Price Analysis: How to Analyze The Price of Crypto — Methods of Technical Analysis

The DODO price can be predicted by recognizing the levels of support and resistance in a chart. You can comprehend which ones are the horizontal resistance levels by counting the times a price is tested and then rejected on an attempt upwards. Similarly, you can recognize the horizontal support levels by taking into account the number of times a price tests and rebounds from a specified price on the way downstream.

The ability of DODO price prediction aids you in determining the area of the highest profit so that you can sell the targets. Another method of predicting the price of DODO is by making use of Moving Averages or MAs. Traders and investors use moving averages to determine the momentum and growth potential levels to interpret if the price will relapse from a downtrend or start stagnating post-uptrend.

Knowing Moving Averages aids you in deciding the right time to buy or sell DODO. If you’re looking forward to investing in the long term, prepare a weekly Moving Averages chart. Everything will be crystal clear to you then! An excellent way to assess the future value of DODO is by paying heed to the various indicators. The critical factors include volume, time, momentum, and others to understand if the DODO’s net worth will show a remarkable rise or steep downfall.

You’ll also have a proper understanding of the future trends in DODO’s value in the financial world. To be a pro in the field of investments in the crypto world, keep yourself updated with DODO’s current news. The fundamental analysis of the current trends, information from the report, and important events will enlighten you more about the DODO world. While technical analysis is helpful, the fundamental analysis will always have the upper hand as it gives you a theoretical understanding of the future of DODO.

Worth buying DODO in India?

The DODO price in India is $1.68 USD at the time of writing, with a 24-hour trading volume of $99,551,058 USD. DODO has increased by 5.08 percent in the last 24 hours; with a live market cap of $186,269,328 USD. There are 110,551,965 DODO coins in circulation, with a maximum supply of 1,000,000,000 DODO coins.

The following are the main aspects of DODO’s product:

  • Trading and aggregation via SmartTrade: DODO, which is built on Ethereum and BSC, allows trading between two arbitrary tokens on the same network, with SmartTrade intelligently determining the optimum order routing from aggregated liquidity sources to provide traders with the best pricing.
  • Crowdpooling: An equal opportunity method of distributing coins and launching liquidity marketplaces. Crowdpooling seeks to reduce the possibility of front-running or bot interference.
  • Pools: Pools let liquidity providers build and operate their own on-chain market-making methods in a permissionless, non-custodial environment.
  • Mining: DODO platform users can earn DODO token rewards by participating in liquidity mining, trade mining, and Combiner Harvest mining, which are targeted at liquidity providers, traders, and pool developers, respectively.
  • Mining: DODO platform users can earn DODO token rewards by participating in liquidity mining, trade mining, and Combiner Harvest mining, which are targeted at liquidity providers, traders, and pool developers, respectively.

DODO Price Prediction

WalletInvestor Forecast System predicts

DODO can be a profitable investment option. DODO price equal to 1.673 USD at 2021–08–14. If you buy DODO for 100 dollars today, you will get a total of 59.776 DODO. Based on our forecasts, a long-term increase is expected, the price prognosis for 2026–08–08 is 11.507 US Dollars. With a 5-year investment, the revenue is expected to be around +587.81%. Your current $100 investment may be up to $687.81 in 2026.


Adequate liquidity and low transaction fees have what made the DODO extremely popular. The project raised 5.6MM USD through a seed round sale and a private round sale, in which 16.00% of the DODO total token supply was sold for 0.01 USD / DODO and 0.05 USD / DODO, respectively. It is only possible that DODO will hit a high price in the future. Therefore, investing in DODO will be a wise and productive decision. So, are you ready to invest in DODO? It is going to give you good returns, for sure.

**Note: Do not regard this as financial advice; in fact, customers are recommended to perform their own research before considering investing in cryptocurrencies, as the cryptocurrency markets may be highly volatile.**



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