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Why 2021 is the Best Time to Invest in Mantra Dao (OM)?

Is Mantra Dao (OM Coin) a good investment?

What is Mantra Dao? Brief Summary

MANTRA DAO is a community-governed DeFi platform and focuses on lending, staking, and cross-chain multi-asset services. Mantra Dao leverage the users to create a decentralized and transparent ecosystem for web 3.0. It gives back financial control to the people for growing wealth and storing together.

Best Time to Invest in Mantra Dao (OM) —
Best Time to Invest in Mantra Dao — OM Token

OM token is the primary cryptocurrency of Mantra Dao. It plays a very crucial role in expanding and maintaining the whole Mantra Dao ecosystem. To support the Mantra Dao ecosystem of financial products, it will run the DeFi services on numerous blockchains.

How Does Mantra Dao (OM) Function?

The ecosystem is fuelled by the governance token used for landing and taking purposes; it was issued as an ERC 20 token, but the platform is now planning for a migration to the PolkaDot network.

It functions on its business plan to collect interest on loans staking OM and operating staking as a service business that charges fees on staked assets and provides business-to-business access to products.

It also offers a multi-asset taking borrowing and lending for its platform and others. It also has a mobile app known as Mantra wallet, which offers direct connectivity to web applications and enhances staking integration along with multi-chain support. Mantra functions on natively integrated governance and are further integrating the governance into ecosystem decision-making processes.

Best time to invest in Mantra Dao (OM)?

It is the perfect time to start investing in Mantra Dao because various studies have found that Mantra Dao is highly underrated and has an enormous potential of being a massive cryptocurrency in the upcoming future, and looking at the price action of Mantra Dao; it is not too difficult to find out that the Mantra Dao token is undervalued.

The current price of Mantra Dao while writing this blog is 17.53 rupees.

The coin has had a high value since the ICO days. Currently, it is in an uptrend that had moved from a price of 9 to 14 within three weeks, which is 160% returns in a brief period. Even after facing a massive downtrend in the significant cryptocurrency fall in May 2021, Mantra Dao has been able to give its user a considerable amount of return.

I’m incredibly proud to say that throughout this period of time, MANTRA DAO has moved from strength to strength, and grown into a formidable DeFi ecosystem and player with a multitude of working products, and accomplished all of the initial promises from the 1.0 version of our roadmap. — Co-founder and Council Member John @JP_Mullin009

Start Investing in Mantra Dao (OM)

To start trading and investing in Mantra Dao and other cryptocurrencies, a reputed exchange is mandatory to have a cryptocurrency account that allows you to buy Mantra Dao in India. Crypto exchange is a broker that allows you to trade Mantra Dao in India and other cryptocurrencies.

Suppose you are interested in buying Mantra Dao in India and getting the best pricing effortlessly and quickly, BuyUcoin Exchange is the only platform you need to do so. It allows you to even invest in Mantra Dao by using your debit card, MasterCard NEFT or UPI.

Is Mantra Dao (OM) a good investment in 2021?

Mantra Dao has erupted massively in the past few months and has been the talk of the town for giving returns investment; various experts believe that we change an underrated cryptocurrency that has the potential for a massive blow up in the upcoming future.

Looking at the current scenario, as more and more companies use the OM blockchain to stake coins, OM tokens will prolifically become more popular. The Mantra Dao token is expected to regain the former heights shortly; as a result, Mantra Dao looks like a perfect opportunity and choices available to the investor’s to buy at this point.

Why invest in Mantra Dao (OM)?

Mantra Dao offers numerous reasons to the users for investing in it:

  • OM is fully decentralized with no single owner. It is easily customizable, less prone to errors and flexible.
  • Mantra Dao block is made every 10 seconds, which is 60 times faster when compared with Bitcoin.
  • The blockchain is capable of transacting at a faster rate when compared with its competitors.
  • OM can handle higher transactions volumes because of its frequent block generation ability, which helps the users and merchants to receive quicker confirmation times.
  • OM uses five cryptographic algorithms to prevent malicious centralization of mining and power fluctuation of hash.

Worth buying Mantra Dao (OM) in India?

MANTRA DAO is now trading at 17.47 INR in India, with a market capitalization of 6,208,304,608 INR. There are 355,327,969 OM coins in circulation.

Mantra Dao’s distinguishing characteristics

  • Universal Trust with a reputable system: Whenever a transaction is made, the blockchain records all the necessary credentials to ensure trusts, such as the date and time, receivers and senders wallet address and other essential information. All the information is only made available to the authorized user in a well-designed user interface.
  • Borrowing: It allows you to deposit any amount of your cryptocurrencies as collateral and get instant access to low-interest stable coin loans.
  • Landing: Since it uses both proprietary learning and open-source protocols, lenders can directly offer multi-asset loans to users to receive interest on their crypto assets.
  • Ownership and governance: The token holders exercise specific voting power over economic parameters like inflation, interest rates, etc. The OM token holders can democratically decide in which direction the company should move.

Mantra Dao Predictions: Market Sentiment

  • Wallet investor

Based on our Mantra Dao price analysis and forecast, a long-term increase in the price is expected; the price prediction for 2026 is 1.330 to US dollars. Keeping money invested for five years, the revenue is expected to be +500% from the current level.

  • Gov. Capital

The price of Mantra Dao is expected to increase in the future as it has been giving hints in the positive direction. According to our prediction services, the price of Mantra Dao in the future is forecasted. At $0.67 after several years.

  • Digital coin price news

Mantra Dao is showing neutral signs and may create disappointment among its user. The price is expected to reach 0.5 dollars by the end of 2028.


As it can be made from the analysis cited above that the projections are very contradictory, and there is no universal consensus about the positive or negative future movements of the OM prices. However, possible future growth depends on other factors, including announcements, new technological solutions, and legal positions.

You should invest in Mantra Dao after understanding all the required information and then make a good decision by doing proper and correct research. Cryptocurrencies look fascinating and have huge potential, but you should always invest in Mantra Dao or any other cryptocurrency by researching properly and implementing your strategies.

*This article is for knowledge purposes; we advise you to ask your financial experts before taking any investment decisions.*



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