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Why 2021 is the Best Time to Invest in VeChain (VET)?

Is VeChain(VET) a Good Investment?

What is VeChain? Brief Summary

It is a blockchain platform that is designed to enhance supply chain management and business processes along with streamlining the information flow for complex supply change through the distributed ledger technology (DLT). It has two distinct tokens on the platform; the first one is the VeChain token (VET) and VeChain Foundation Thor energy (VTHO).

Best Time to Invest in VeChain (VET)

VET is used to transfer values on the network, and VTHO is used to power smart contract transactions by acting as energy or gas. It also aims to facilitate initial coin offering facilities and conduct transactions between connected devices on the internet. It disintermediates the information and acts as an enterprise blockchain platform that provides a broad view of an organization.

How Does VeChain (VET) Function?

VeChain uses numerous technologies for accomplishing the goal of streamlining the supply chain sector. For instance, it uses different radio frequency identification sensors and tags that help monitor critical data during the shipment process. Hence, the information is broadcasted in real-time throughout the blockchain.

In return, it helps and enables the stakeholders to track their item and verify its condition and authenticity; this approach is perfectly suitable for the broad complex supply chains, and all these gigantic networks can be monitored by VeChain easily.

The working of VeChain is in closed integration with the internet of things and distributed ledger technology. The blockchain provides a gateway to monitor a vast amount of transactions and data in real-time via consensus.

Best time to invest in VeChain (VET)?

It is the perfect time to start investing in VeChain because various studies have found that VeChain is highly underrated and has an enormous potential of being a massive cryptocurrency in the upcoming future, and looking at the price action of VeChain; it is not too difficult to find out that the VeChain token is undervalued.

The current price of VeChain while writing this blog is 9.10 rupees. Since the ICO, the coin has had a high value. Currently, it is in an uptrend that had moved from a price of 4 to 8 within a span of two weeks which is 200% returns in a very short period. Even after facing a massive downtrend in the significant cryptocurrency fall in May 2021, VeChain has been able to give its user a considerable amount of return.

Another advantage of VeChain is that it pays dividends. Every VET token holder receives an “offshoot coin” called THOR, or VeThor. As of August 2021, the market price for VTHO was barely below ₹1.

According to the closest article, I’ve read so far on the VET dividend, each VET token owner has the right to get 0.000432 VTHO tokens per day.

As a result, the VTHO token is valued at 0.849158 INR, with a 24-hour trading volume of 2,203,802,337 INR and a live market cap of 33,383,697,633 INR. Given that 10,000 VET tokens are valued 92,311.98, the annual dividend yield is approximately 1.44 percent (i.e., 1,330.29 / 92,311.98). Again, this dividend is distributed to VET token holders in the form of VTHO tokens on a daily basis.

Start Investing in VeChain (VET)

To start trading and investing in VeChain and other cryptocurrencies, a reputed exchange is mandatory to have a cryptocurrency account that allows you to buy VeChain in India. Crypto exchange is a broker that allows you to trade VeChain in India and other cryptocurrencies.

Suppose you are interested in buying VeChain in India and getting the best pricing effortlessly and quickly. In that case, BuyUCoin Exchange is the only platform you need. It allows you to even invest in VeChain using your credit card, debit card, MasterCard, NEFT / IMPS or UPI.

Is VeChain (VET) a good investment in 2021?

VeChain has erupted massively in the past few months and has been the talk of the town for giving returns investment; various experts believe that we change an underrated cryptocurrency that has the potential for a massive blow up in the upcoming future.

#VeChain is proud to be spearheading global decarbonisation efforts using the power of public blockchain! Our mature & scalable solutions are ready to deliver change and better our collective futures. Join us & build on the first mass adopted public blockchain $VET $VTHOVeChain Foundation Twitter

Looking at the current scenario, as more and more companies will be using the weekend VeChain blockchain to monitor the inventory and supply channels, VET tokens will prolifically become more popular. The VeChain token is expected to regain the former heights shortly; as a result, VeChain looks like a perfect opportunity and choices available to the investor’s to buy at this point.

Enterprise-Grade Public Blockchain Solution Provider VeChain Creates New SaaS Products For China’s Digital Carbon Emissions Market — VeChain News

Why invest in VeChain (VET)?

VeChain offers numerous reasons to the users for investing in it:

  • VET is easily customizable, less prone to errors and flexible. It is fully decentralized with no single owner.
  • VeChain block is made every 10 seconds, which is 60 times faster when compared with Bitcoin.
  • The blockchain is capable of carrying out transactions at a faster pace when compared with its competitors.
  • VET can handle higher transactions volumes because of its frequent block generation ability, which helps the users and merchants to receive quicker confirmation times.
  • VET uses five cryptographic algorithms to prevent malicious centralization of mining and power fluctuation of hash.

VeChain exists to disrupt traditional supply chain systems, a sector that has remained mostly untouched for decades previous to the advent of blockchain. Transparent technology with no single point of failure or control offers increased security, efficiency, and convenience of tracking products in a particular supply chain while lowering costs through trustless automation. Thus, VeChain’s strategy appeals to organisations wanting to eliminate supply chain friction and give clients a more transparent view.

Worth buying VeChain (VET) in India?

At the time of writing, the live VeChain price in India is 9.17 INR, with a 24-hour trading volume of 60,807,513,929 INR. VeChain has increased by 5.91% from the previous 24 hours. With a live market cap of 589,869,324,456 INR, the current CoinMarketCap ranking is #23. It has a total circulating supply of 86,712,634,466 VET coins and a circulating supply of 64,315,576,989 VET coins.

VeChain Helps Growing Brand Deliver Highest-Quality Extra-Virgin Premium Olive Oils To Health Conscious Chinese Consumers —

Whenever a transaction is made, the blockchain records all the necessary credentials to ensure trust, such as the date and time, receivers and senders wallet address and other essential information.

All the information is only made available to the authorized user in a well-designed user interface. The VET coin provides faster transaction confirmation with an improved storage efficiency compared to any other cryptocurrency. VeChain has deflationary tokenomics that will protect investors capital over some time.

VeChain uses the dual token strategy, which turns the tokens into digital cash whenever VeChain is purchased. The converted cash can be utilized on the VeChain platform or for paying for the network services.

The integration and amalgamation of the internet of things and decentralized ledger technologies gave VeChain a sizeable upper hand compared to its competition.

VeChain Predictions: Market Sentiment

  • Wallet investor: Based on our VeChain price analysis and forecast, a long-term increase in the price is expected; the price prediction for 2026 is 0.67 to US dollars. Keeping money invested for five years, the revenue is expected to be +500% from the current level.
  • Gov. Capital: The price of Vechain is expected to proliferate in the future as it has been giving hints in the positive direction. According to our prediction services, the price of VeChain in the future is forecasted at 0.65 dollars after several years
  • Digital coin price news: VeChain is showing neutral signs and may create disappointment among its user. The price is expected to reach 0.5 dollars by the end of 2028.


VeChain (VET) has actual use cases and some incredible business partnerships. It has the potential of growing steadily or exponentially, maybe within the next couple of years.

Suppose VeChain sticks to their roadmap and implement their VeChain toolchain platform with more enterprises and increasing their partnership. In that case, they will carry a tremendous amount of supply chain sector, which will help them capture a massive success.

You should invest in VeChain after understanding all the required information and then make a good decision by doing proper and correct research.

Cryptocurrencies look fascinating and have huge potential, but you should always invest in VeChain or any other cryptocurrency by researching properly and implementing your strategies.

*This article is for knowledge purposes; we advise you to ask your financial experts before taking any investment decisions.*



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