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Why 2021 is the best time to invest in Ethereum (ETH)?

Google’s latest search for “Invest in Ethereum” has hit a record peak.

ETH almost reached its 2017 all-time peak of around $1400. As relative to BITCOIN analysis, it pumped more than 100 % from its previous all-time highs.

So if Bitcoin is going to hold this state or create more highs then we should anticipate the same level of ETH explosion in the coming months of year 2021 as well, any dips would be the chance for Buy ETH and fill your wallet.

Ethereum price before Altcoin Buzz

The coin started with the price of only $132 on 1st January 2020. Twelve months later, its price went up by nearly five times, currently sitting at $1,156. While the coin is still not reached its all-time high, it has made significant achievements towards getting there.

After the start of the year 2021, ETH participated in a strong rally that took its price from $132 to $281. The coin attempted to reach the $300 mark, getting quite close to it before the rally ended, and a correction hit.

Ethereum price after Altcoin Buzz

Let’s take a look at Ethereum price before altcoin buzz and after altcoin buzz.

Admittedly, as time goes on, Ethereum sees robust trades followed by Bitcoin’s all-time high rally. For instance, in the month-to-date, ETH is up nearly 74% from December’s average price. Similar to Bitcoin, Ethereum also saw a considerable price rise over the past seven days. ETH values have not been adequate to make the coin reach a new ATH.

No, Ethereum did not go back to its old ATH of $1440. But this week it was a massive player in the rally led by Bitcoin. Like Bitcoin, the price rise in Ethereum began last Saturday, Since the rebound began, the coin soared above this amount and touched $590.

Its progress was stopped by the resistance at $600, just as Bitcoin’s was at $19,500. Both coins then surged past their major resistances simultaneously, with ETH hitting its YTD high at $673, just as Bitcoin was making its new ATH on 17 December.

Ethereum price’s exponential increase

Ethereum’s price soared by 13x, near its all-time high price, from the low-sub March of 100$. ETH is essentially one of the best coins, probably the only currency capable of distorting BTC from the market.

From the standpoint of market cap, ETH was roughly equal to BTC. ETH is essentially entirely below a price and soon will quickly reach $2,000. It’s not long until we see an explosive rise of the ETH price with ETH 2.0.

Google Records High Searches for ‘Ethereum’ in 2021

In 2021, People turn to Google to learn more about Invest in Ethereum in record numbers. Google Trends analysis has shown that Google’s latest search for “Ethereum Investment” has hit a record peak.

During the last Ether (ETH) bull rally, Google’s interest in Ethereum grew considerably. On 13 January 2018, Ethereum hit its height in terms of prominence. That was also when Ethereum achieved the all-time high of ETH of $1,432.88.

Despite the emergence of the current bull market, most search words linked to crypto have not hit their peaks. Indeed, Ethereum is a notable example. People are currently hunting for the term more in Ethereum’s history.

High Interest in Ethereum

Data from Google Trends showed that Ethereum is being searched the most in 2021.

The Google Trends data also indicates the relative interest by search in various regions. A growing Google Trends interest score for a specific word refers to the public’s high interest in the topic. The same happens to crypto: there is a high quest for a cryptocurrency, the coin shown to be positive.

The search for Ethereum in Google has hit a new, all-time high, but for Google searches of ‘Bitcoin’, the same can’t say. Ethereum is a ‘folk metric.’ Since it hit its highest level on 23 December 2017, the latest “Bitcoin” searches remain at just 65% of the highest level in 2017.

If the popularity of various crypto-search phrases grows, an infinite bull run could happen, so interested investors might decide to buy. It would lead to a rise in costs as further sales. In exchange, the price rise will generate more demand and lead to more searches and future sales.

ETH 2.0

Eth2 refers to a set of interconnected upgrades that will make Ethereum more scalable, more secure, and more sustainable.

In Ethereum’s continuing progression to a demonstrable consensus protocol, Ethereum pursued a roadmap continuously, and in 2020 it was able to lay the foundations for Ethereum 2.0. The move towards Eth2 in 2020 seems to have been optimistic, and the initiative in the early morning of a new year feels tremendous anticipation. So what are the most significant expectations for the next step in the development of Ethereum in 2021?

With its Beacon Chain upgrade released on 1st December 2020, the famous Etherum blockchain network has begun a journey towards its official main net launch, ETH 2.0. With its ETH 2.0 update, Ethereum plans to end the problems of scalability on its Blockchain.

Interestingly, this move brings to life another essential use case (staking) on Ethereum’s Blockchain. The new ETH 2.0 blockchain expected to be scalable and fast without any incurred delays. ETH has a lot of potential perspective views from traders and analysts with a 2.0 version of it.

The first step is the ETH 2.0 Beacon Chain recently launched. The update scheduled to commence the leading network early next year. This blockchain network aims to move from the previous proof-of-work (PoW) consensus to a proof-of-stake mechanism (PoS).

Why invest in Ethereum during Altcoin Buzz?

Below the top 5 reason, which stimulates you to invest in Ethereum 2021 during the Altcoinoin buzz.

  1. Ethereum developers trust the process.
    A common subject arising during Ethereum’s continuing evolution was consistency. Although ethereum drew up deadlines, developers concentrated more on constructing and executing no hurried updates.
  2. Institutional Rocket Fuel Could Soon Boost Ethereum
    Prominent global macro-investor Dan Tapiero points out that Ethereum is ready to grow when an institutional money surge focuses on a market cap’s second-biggest crypto asset. The DTAP Capital founder estimates that the Northern Trust Capital Asset Custody Scheme may be a significant indicator that institutional investors are beginning to see ETH.
  3. Ethereum advancement
    Ethereum was one of the critical reasons for the blockchain development. On the smart ERC-20 contracts, Ethereum created a range of new services, d-apps, Defi, exchanges and coins. If not for Ethereum, cryptocurrency and Blockchain wouldn’t have been accepted and understood by now.
  4. Rising demand
    During this steep correction, the increasing demand by individuals with such high net worth persuaded of the potential for more advancement in this cryptocurrency.

However, to bring in its bearish thesis, Ethereum can re-acquire the level of $1,140. If so, the second-highest market capitalization cryptocurrency could raise and test its former peak of almost $1,400 all-time once again. Ethereum will continue to happily delight the speculators as long as the exchange remains within a relative zone.

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