Game 1: A 102–90 loss to the Pistons… featuring OMB Hornet’s Nest

That sucked. Not the beer, but meh.

That apostrophe on the screen is going to bother me all season, Fox Sports Southeast.

This will not be a complex blog: one Charlotte beer for every game of the 2017/18 Hornets regular season. Doubt I’ll do all 82 — Not even sure it’s possible… but why not try?

The Pistons trounced the Hornets on Wednesday night, October 18, 2017, to start the 2017/18 NBA season on a sour note. No Buzz City offense, one billion turnovers, but Dwight got a double-double… I’m not sure I’m ready for this sort of season.

I’m hoping it was “just one game” and that we’ll see the team click on Friday night, but I’m not overly confident of that either. Seems like we need a few more scorers. The team gets 3/10 for effort in the opener.

For the beer on the night, Charlotte’s Olde Mecklenburg Brewery gets us started and their Hornet’s Nest seemed like the best choice for the season opener. I think maybe Hefeweizens aren’t my thing… but neither is reviewing beer. Hopefully I’ll get to use this blog/concept to learn more about it.

It was fine? A little sweet, maybe banana-y…? I don’t know. I finished it, so that’s something. I promise I’ll get more in depth the more of these reviews I write.

Still, Hornet’s Nest is my first brew here and I wasn’t wowed by it, so I’ll give it an average rating to rank the rest by: 5/10 Muggsys…

That’s right.

The Atlanta Hawks come to Charlotte on Friday, and I’m team #NeverAtlanta (receipts here and here). I’ve got the standard OMB Copper up for the home opener. Looking forward to it. Buzzzzz.