Game 2: A 109–91 win over the Hawks… featuring OMB Copper

A tale of two halves: the Hornets are fun again?

I’m going to need to get some better lighting for these shots.

“One Charlotte beer for every game of the 2017/18 Hornets regular season.” That was the goal, but halfway through the second quarter on Friday night, I wondered if this project would make me an alcoholic. The Hawks led 40–20. We were bad in every measurable sense of the term.

But then, the comeback.

The Hornets came back to beat the Hawks by 18 on Friday night, October 20, 2017, and all hope returned (and yes, one beer was enough).

Kemba put in 26 points and 9 assists, Dwight had a bunch of monster dunks and another double-double (20pts/15reb), and the team that lost to Detroit on Wednesday disappeared halfway through the second quarter. The team that played the rest of the game on Friday? Yeah, that’s a team I’ll watch 82 times this year GLADLY. The team gets 9/10 for turning that first half around and making us believe in Hornets basketball.

I drank an Olde Meck Copper Altbier to celebrate the home opener, my first not at the Hive since we moved here in 2014. The Copper is the standard Charlotte craft beer, the one my wife always orders when we’re out, and it doesn’t disappoint. It won’t blow you away, apparently I’m supposed to taste “honey, caramel, pretzel, bread, toasted nuts.”

Screw that, I taste beer. Really solid beer flavor here. It tastes… beery.

OMB’s Copper is recognized as one of the best in the region, but I want to leave some room for personal favorites too, so I’ll give it an above-average rating: 7/10 Muggsys…

The Hornets go back on the road to face Milwaukee on Monday: they’ve faced Eastern Conference heavyweights Boston and Cleveland so far and sit 1–1. Let’s hope the second half Hornets show up on the road and Dwight and Kemba make my OMB Mecktoberfest go down smooth to start the week. Buzzzzzzz.