Game 36: A 106–98 loss to the Clippers… featuring Catawba’s Riverkeeper

A sour end to a difficult 2017 for the Hornets, as the Clippers come back to beat Buzz City by eight.

The Hornets built a decent lead early in this one, but an 18–4 run by the Clippers on New Year’s Eve closed the gap early in the third and put them in the driver’s seat for an eight-point win. Charlotte scoring just 14 points in the entire third quarter doomed them, and Lou Williams scoring 40 (!!!) for LA didn’t help either. Not too surprised, and not too worried: it was New Year’s Eve and no one was going to dwell on this 106–98 loss.

Kemba had 30 to lead the Hornets and Frank put in 16 off the bench, but the starting five was dreadful: Nic had 9, Marvin had 0, MKG had 6, and Dwight ended up with only 4 points in 34 minutes. Surprised it was this close, looking at those numbers. That said, some Buzz City highlights:

And a lowlight, kind of summing up the game (and the season for MCW)…

I didn’t watch this game, straight up. The Mrs. and I enjoyed a lit NYE in CLT with our four-year old instead (puzzles and board games and books, so lit), and we avoided most of the ridiculous TV countdowns/commercial fests until the last few minutes of 2017. Besides…

Without Pitbull NYE, why would we watch anything? Nay, why would we even dare to exist?

That said, I did not enjoy the champagne of beers on New Year’s Eve but instead continued with the apple/holiday theme and moved on to Catawba Brewing’s Riverkeeper Apple Sour Ale. Sour seemed fitting for 2017 anyway.

Here’s how they describe it: “Inspired by a shared mission to protect the waterways that connect us, Catawba’s collaboration with Bold Rock Hard Cider gave life to this limited release — crushed and crafted in the Blue Ridge Mountains. This elegantly rustic wheat beer is soured according to Old World methods, then fermented on crushed green apples handpicked in Western North Carolina. A portion of all proceeds benefit the global Waterkeeper Alliance and our local Riverkeeper organizations.

This was not a bad drink overall. It was definitely sour, and I liked it better than any of the Red Clay ciders I had last week, but it wasn’t anything special either. It’s a strange mix of wheat beer and cider that isn’t like anything else I’ve tried, but there might be a reason for that: It’s hard to want both at the same time. Like drinking coffee and tea together, cider and wheat beer might be better left separate.

I’ll give it a 6 Muggsy rating because I did like it better than last week’s ciders, and it was a refreshing apple alternative to your usual can of beer, but it’s not something I’d look for again. Drinkable, sour, fruity, and a bit odd.

Up next for the Hornets: 2018. Finally.

Surely the new year will have better days in store for this team, right? They’ll continue on their West Coast road trip with a game in Sacramento and then finish off back in LA against the Lakers. I’ll continue with Catawba for a few days, they have some interesting/popular brews I’ve been eager to try.