The Complete Buzz City Brews Rankings

These are not to be taken seriously. Seriously. The rankings likely depend on my mood or how the Hornets played or what I ate for dinner that night. Get over it.

A snapshot at the 1/3 season mark.

Again, these are more for my reference than anything. I’m not a beer expert: I’m a basketball fan, and these are my beginner reviews of as many local Charlotte beers I can fit into a single season (along with their corresponding game recaps).

Below is the list of my ridiculous Muggsy inspired rankings from the 2017/18 Hornets season, sorted within the Muggsy ranking by favorite. Let’s go.

TEN MUGGSYS to the best beers I think Charlotte has to offer.

Ten Muggsys

Birdsong’s Jalapeño Pale Ale — Game 12: A 90–87 loss to the Celtics
NoDa’s Coco Loco Porter — Game 7: A 104–99 win over the Grizzlies
Birdsong’s Puppies on Penguins — Game 43: A 133–109 win over the Wiz
NoDa’s Gordgeous Pumpkin Ale — Game 18: A 100–99 loss to the Cavaliers
Birdsong’s Turtles on Pterodactyls — Game 65: A 128–114 loss to the 76ers

Nine Muggsys

Sycamore’s Countryside IPA — Game 45: A 112–107 win over the Kings
Sycamore’s Juice Willis — Game 54: A 109–103 OT loss to the Blazers
Foothills People’s Porter — Game 28: A 104–98 loss to the Heat
OMB Mecktoberfest Märzen— Game 3: A 103–94 loss to the Bucks
Sycamore’s Big Fat Juicy Mango — Game 53: A 121–104 loss to the Nuggets
Catawba’s Farmer Ted — Game 67: A 122–115 win over the Suns
Triple C’s White Blaze — Game 57: A 104–102 win over the Magic

Eight Muggsys

Foothills Jade IPA — Game 31: A 129–111 loss to the Raptors
OMB’s Dunkel Dark Lager — Game 40: A 99–88 win over the Jazz
Catawba’s Peanut Butter Jelly Time — Game 66: A 125–111 loss to the Nets
Foothills Frostbite Black IPA — Game 4: A 110–93 win over the Nuggets
Sycamore’s Citropica — Game 51: A 133–126 win over the Pacers
Triple C’s 3C IPA — Game 58: A 111–96 win over the Nets
Sycamore’s Southern Girl — Game 47: A 121–110 win over the Hawks
Lenny Boy’s Citraphilia — Game 60: A 114–98 win over the Pistons
NoDa’s Jam Session — Game 11: A 118–113 loss to the Knicks
Unknown’s Pre-Game — Game 23: A 101–87 loss to the Warriors
Catawba’s Black Dome — Game 68: A 119–115 loss to the Pelicans
NoDa’s Cavu Blonde Ale — Game 9: A 126–121 loss to the Spurs
Birdsong’s Doin’ Thyme Witbier — Game 63: A 110–99 loss to the 76ers
Birdsong’s Paradise City — Game 14: A 123–120 loss to the Bulls
Sycamore’s Naughty Bear — Game 50: A 123–110 win over the Hawks

Seven Muggsys

NoDa’s Hop Experiment — Game 20: A 126–113 loss to the Raptors
NoDa’s Par 4 Session IPA — Game 6: A 120–113 win over the Magic
Catawba’s Hooligan Scotch Ale — Game 70: A 124–101 loss to the Knicks
Triple C’s Baby Maker IPA — Game 26: A 116–103 win over the Thunder
Triple C’s Grill Friend — Game 24: A 119–110 OT loss to the Bulls
NoDa’s Roaring Riot — Game 10: A 112–94 loss to the Timberwolves
Foothills Hoppyum IPA — Game 29: A 93–91 loss to the Blazers
Sycamore’s High Tide — Game 48: A 95–91 loss to the Heat
Catawba’s Mother Trucker — Game 69: A 129–117 win over the Hawks
NoDa’s Premium Roast — Game 55: A 106–94 loss to the Jazz
Lenny Boy’s Ground Up — Game 61: A 118–103 win over the Bulls
Birdsong’s Mexicali Stout — Game 42: A 118–107 win over the Pistons
Catawba’s Hopness Monster — Game 38: A 108–94 win over the Lakers
Birdsong’s Turn to Stone — Game 64: A 103–98 loss to the Raptors
Sycamore’s Mountain Candy — Game 49: A 105–96 loss to the Pacers
Sugar Creek’s IPA — Game 17: A 129–124 OT win over the Wizards
OMB Copper Altbier — Game 2: A 109–91 win over the Hawks

Six Muggsys

Foothills Torch Pilsner — Game 30: A 109–91 win over the Knicks
NoDa’s Hoppy Holidays — Game 32: A 109–104 loss to the Bucks
Triple C’s Grab Ya By The Guava — Game 25: A 110–99 loss to the Lakers
OMB Captain Jack — Game 5: A 109–93 loss to the Rockets
Sycamore’s Sun Grown — Game 46: A 101–96 loss to the Pelicans
Unknown’s Over the Edge — Game 19: A 106–86 loss to the Spurs
Birdsong’s Wake Up Porter —Game 13: A 115–107 loss to the Cavaliers
Lenny Boy’s Dat Pale Ale — Game 62: A 134–106 loss to the Celtics
Catawba’s Riverkeeper — Game 36: A 106–98 loss to the Clippers
Sycamore’s First Clouds —Game 52: A 115–110 win over the Suns
Sugar Creek’s Pale Ale — Game 16: A 118–102 win over the Timberwolves
Triple C’s Golden Boy — Game 59: A 122–105 win over the Wizards

Five Muggsys

Red Clay’s QC Common — Game 35: A 111–100 win over the Warriors
OMB Hornet’s Nest — Game 1: A 102–90 loss to the Pistons
Birdsong’s Lazy Bird Brown — Game 44: A 106–105 loss to the Heat
NoDa’s Hop Cakes — Game 56: A 123–103 loss to the Raptors
Red Clay’s The South End — Game 34: A 102–91 loss to the Celtics
Catawba’s White Zombie — Game 39: A 115–111 loss to the Mavericks

Four Muggsys

NoDa’s Hop Drop ‘n’ Roll — Game 8: A 126–121 win over the Bucks
Unknown’s Ginger Wheat — Game 22: A 104–94 win over the Magic

Three Muggsys

Foothills Carolina Blonde — Game 27: A 108–96 loss to the Rockets
Red Clay’s Cherry Bobbin Trolls — Game 33: A 111–106 win over the Bucks
Unknown’s Brown Ryed Girl — Game 21: A 105–100 loss to the Heat

Two Muggsys

Catawba’s Deep State Porter — Game 37: A 131–111 win over the Kings
OMB’s Fat Boy Baltic Porter — Game 41: A 101–91 loss to the Thunder

One Pathetic, Lonely Muggsy

Sugar Creek’s Raspberry White— Game 15: A 102–87 win over the Clippers

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