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Java 8 | How To Create Project File

Hello guys! Last time we set up Java environment, so today I’ll tell you how to start a project. It’s very easy, but if you didn’t download Java and Eclipse, please checkout now!

1. Open eclipse

Open Eclipse

2. Create Project

You can right click the left part to create a project just like above, or you can click [file] — [new] — [project] — [Java Project].

And when you see this tab, set name for your Java project. I’ll do mine as ‘Test01’. And check if everything is same with me, then hit the [finish] button.

3. Create Package

When you click the little arrow on the project you just created, you will see [src] in it. Right click the [src] and click [new] and choose [package].

3. Create Class

Now, right click the package we made and click [new]-[class].

Just like that, We created our first Java project! I’ll bring some more of Java next time. Thank you for reading! See you guys!




Happy coding!

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