Live Video: Tips and Tricks for Creating Compelling Content

In today’s age, posting simple pictures has become so outdated. From internet memes to GIFs, tutorials to marketing campaigns, addressing social issues to advertising your products/services, everything is currently being done via videos. And why shouldn’t it be so, after all, videos are definitely more apt in conveying your message to the people in the best way possible

When it comes to making a live video, however, there are certain things to keep in mind. These points to remember will help you overcome two most common obstacles in the line of live video:

  • Not generating enough live viewers during the live feed.
  • Losing viewers during the feed.

Both these obstacles are created due to one common reason, the unfortunate event that your content isn’t compelling enough. In order to get rid of these hurdles in the path to successful live videotaping, you can follow these really cool tips and tricks that will help you in creating compelling content.

Tips and Tricks for Creating Compelling Content
Follow these handy tips and tricks to ace the art of live video making!

Write up a basic outline

No matter how adept a marketing professional you may be, you are not a skilled stand-up comedian. Therefore, there is very little room for you to improvise or time to come up with the right joke at the appropriate moment. You can’t expect to simply ‘wing it’ when it comes to living video! Suffice to say that instead of trying too hard and failing (read: crash and burn!) it’s better to prepare a script beforehand and stick to it. This way you will have the chance to properly execute your marketing strategy/plan in an organized and clear manner and have the dialogue interspersed with the right amount of punches and lighthearted banter to keep it interesting.

Add personal touches

Nobody wants to hear or watch monotonous generic riffraff. People love to hear about themselves. Narcissistic? Maybe. But true nevertheless. Remember Coca Cola’s ‘Share a coke with…’ stunt? It definitely worked! For creating compelling content make sure to personalize your message to the people as much as possible.

Dare to be different

Being bold pays off handsomely when it comes to marketing. Remember, no publicity is bad publicity! In your endeavor of creating compelling content dare to be controversial and opinionated. Start a battle of wills or engage in a friendly spat, whatever you do just make it large enough and relatable to the general public in order to gain a rapid following and you will have created something interesting enough to compel people to check it out for themselves! Deviously tricky, right?

Don’t be cocky!

Being perceived as arrogant is a big no-no! Make extra sure to not say anything that sounds conceited or self-serving. When going for sarcasm or humor, you can go with sounding confident, teasing and even brazen but never patronizing. Always remain humble and try to empathize with the people for successful marketing.

These are some tips and tricks for creating compelling content which if used wisely and correctly, they will give you guaranteed positive results!