BUZZ v3.1.1 Update

Read below for information on the v3.1.1 update and the Multiple Dev Fund Transaction Reimbursement Process associated with this release.

Table of Contents

  1. v3.1.1 Changelog
  2. Multiple Dev Fund Transaction Reimbursement Process Notes

v3.1.1 Changelog

  1. Grammatical and clarification of some text in the Support Development window, for orphan blocks, and legal disclaimer.
  2. Updated visual theme. Black theme is default with improved aesthetics and icons.
  3. Changes in Stake for Development functionality to guard against multiple development fund sendings
  4. Tools menu bar item with links for Downloads, Explorer, Debug Window and Bootstrap Folder

Multiple Dev Fund Transaction Reimbursements

With the 3.0 update from our community team, improper code reviews did not catch flaws that send out multiple development fees when reprocessing already processed blocks. Our new core team has fixed this specific issue with the v3.1.1 release, and will continue vigilant watch for any other possibilities that could negatively impact your user experience.

NOTE: Reimbursements will only be accepted on transfers that occurred before February 11th, 2018, as we have resolved this issue with the v3.1.1 update, released February 4th, 2018. Applications are open until the end of 2nd of March, 2018.

Recommended Actions

  1. If you are running the v3.1 wallet and wish to ensure that multiple development fees are not deducted from your next stake, please lock your wallet until you have updated to v3.1.1.
  2. Update to the v3.1.1 wallet release that is available on the main website download page
  3. Optional: Download and apply the latest bootstrap to ensure that your wallet is syncing flawlessly with the correct chain. This could help with missing connections or slow/halted block sync.
  4. Complete the Multiple Dev Fund Transaction Reimbursement Process to get back any duplicate staking fees.

Note: If you have NOT combined all your inputs into a single input as was recommended before updating to v3.0, please do this now! The Development Fund feature resets all inputs on that address to the Maturation Algorithm after staking, regardless of which input received a stake. We decided to do this to make sure that all wallets could stake fairly, instead of having mega wallets (pools) hogging all the staking rewards due to having countless split inputs higher than most average wallets.


After a successful fork at 950k with v3.1, this multi send of the dev fee is the last issue for the foreseeable future. After plugging up this last leak in the ship, BUZZ can now set sail towards a brighter future where we can #savethebees and promote cryptocurrency use cases in the real world! Thank you for your patience and we look forward to a successful future with you.